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Devon's beavers could be heading back to captivity

A petition launched by the Devon Wildlife Trust is the latest chapter in an ongoing debate about the future of the beavers living in the southwest on the River Otter.

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news/2010_jan/wildebeest_migration_serengeti East African Court of Justice rules out construction of Serengeti super highway
High court ruling is heralded as a major victory for wildlife conservation, but threat of increased traffic and pollution in the national park remains.
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news/2010_jan/bee_pesticide The real, devastating risk of neonicotinoids revealed

In the news recently there have been reports about pesticide companies putting pressure on the UK government to overturn an EU ban on the use of the systemic pesticides, neonicotinoids, which have been proven to have toxic effects on bees.

However scientists say they are now able to provide conclusive evidence that neonicotinoids and fipronil not only affect bees and pollinators, but also threaten whole ecosystems.

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news/2010_jan/eastern_sarus_cranes Rare cranes spotted in northern Myanmar
An unusually large group of eastern sarus crane (Grus antigone sharpii) have been spotted in the wetlands surrounding Lake Indawgyi in Kachin State, Myanmar

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news/Clown_fish Researcher finds that fish are intelligent and feel pain like humans

Fish are, in fact, far more intelligent than many previously believed, and share many characteristics with primates new research suggests

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Every week we will feature a reader photo on our home page. This This week the congratulations goes to Brian Arbuthnot for his stunningly-clear close up macro-image of a waved riband moth

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