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Another white-tailed eagle poisoned in Ireland

Another White-tailed Eagle has been found dead, at a nest site in Connemara, reports the Golden Eagle Trust, an Irish conservation organisation.

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news/ThinkstockPhotos-470221048 First convictions in Malta for illegal shooting of a Cuckoo and a Lapwing
The Times of Malta has reported the first convictions of hunters shooting birds illegally in this year’s spring hunting season on the islands, which began on 14 April.
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world/americas/cougar_draw Cougar subspecies declared extinct
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a formal review of the available information and have declared that the Eastern cougar is extinct.
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old_images/b/beaver-swt1 Scottish beaver trial – Beaver disappears after shots heard
After the first week, one adult female disappeared; the time of her disappearance coincided with unauthorized shooting heard in the same area. There has been no sign of the animal since and the matter has been reported to the local police for further investigation.
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world/Africa/charcoal_kiln Congo’s wildlife rangers launch offensive against armed groups trafficking charcoal in gorilla zone of Virunga
The Congolese National Park Authorities have sent the biggest ever deployment of armed rangers to strike at charcoal-making operations run by armed groups deep in the forests of Virunga National Park in Eastern DR Congo.
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