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How, where and when to watch wildlife


Some people take their wildlife very seriously, for some it is a part time hobby, and for others it is an incidental part of their leisure time. Our aim is to provide information to make your wildlife watching more enjoyable, more knowleadgeable, and more often.

Wildlife photography usualy goes hand in hand with watching wildlife, please see our wildlife photo section for more details.

See our guide to Where to see wildlife in New Zealand.


Region by region

world/WLT13_southaus_Mike-Unwin_T South Australia trip report

South Australia might be one of the country’s least visited states, but it is home to prolific – and peculiar – wildlife just a few hours from the city of Adelaide, writes Mike Unwin

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world/mountain Life-changing Volunteering Trips for 2014

If you thought spending time working with endangered wild animals and getting to know their intimate secrets was only the preserve of professionals or gap year students, think again. All over the world wildlife organisations rely on help from ordinary people using their holidays to help with conservation work. 

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world/elephants-in-trees Wildlife holidays, vital to conservation - The where and how guide
Wildlife tourism is probably the key factor to safeguarding the wildlife of the world. Where wildlife has a monetary value, it is much more likely to be preserved, whether for tourism or, sadly, hunting.
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