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Kellogg’s promise to source fully traceable palm oil

19/02/2014 15:50:11

Palm Oil fruit, just picked off the tree

February 2014: After a campaign by conservationists, NGOs and crucially two girl scouts leading breakfast cereal company Kellogg’s have announced that it will only use fully traceable palm oil produced.

"As a socially responsible company, traceable, transparent sourcing of palm oil is important to us, and we are collaborating with our suppliers to make sure the palm oil we use is not associated with deforestation, climate change or the violation of human rights," said Diane Holdorf, Kellogg Company Chief Sustainability Officer.

To achieve this, the company says, it will require all global palm oil suppliers to trace their product to plantations that are independently verified as legally compliant; adherent to the company's principles for protecting forests, peat lands, and communities; and compliant with all Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) principles and criteria. Suppliers must comply with the requirement by the end of 2015 or be working to close any gaps identified in their action plans.

“Kellogg has taken a step in the right direction, but a statement of intent is not the same as a binding, time-bound responsible palm oil policy. For communities and orangutans in Indonesia what matters now is that Kellogg puts this commitment into action with thorough and rapid implementation," said Rainforest Action Network senior forest campaigner Gemma Tillack. “Kellogg’s new commitment requires its suppliers to stop destroying rainforests, draining carbon-rich peatlands, violating human rights and using forced and child labor by December 31, 2015.”



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