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Beauty spot eyesores – Name and shame

17/06/2010 09:57:44

Pembrey Country Park - Owned and managed by the Carmarthenshire Council

Do you know of any beauty spots that have been trashed? Send us the details
We have all seen so called beauty spots that have been trashed by ignorant people leaving their rubbish, bottles, beer cans and dog crap in so called beauty spots. Teenage party goers, ignorant holiday makers, big business and a few dog walkers all have the potential, sadly often fulfilled, to trash what should be a pristine environment, not just in the UK, but worldwide. Ben Nevis has to have a rubbish clearing campaign every three months, many beaches are left covered in rubbish, and building waste is dumped in the countryside. 

Official council eyesores
Whilst this is inexcusable, it is a difficult problem to deal with. However there is one side of the problem that should be much easier to deal with, and that is the "official eyesore", something that often appears adjacent to or even within National Parks, nature reserves and beauty spots. Wildlife Extra recently visited Pembrey Burrows and Saltings Local Nature Reserve. This is a beautiful and rare habitat on the south coast of Wales; sadly we didn't see much, it was pouring with rain, but what we did see was a complete eyesore opposite the nature reserve, and literally next to the starting gate of the Millennium Coastal Path.

Tell us about any other Beauty spot eyesores that you know about.

Email us at if you know about any more of these eyesores. 

Pembrey Country Park eyesore.
The eyesore is part of the Pembrey Country Park, and run and owned by Carmarthenshire Council. It is that small corner of the park where they put the disused containers and unwanted machinery, rubble and general crap. Now we all have a draw, cupboard, or even a room at home where we hide the crap, but we don't keep it in a corner of the front room, or the garden, we hide it away. The dreadful eyesore, magnified by the prison-like fence, is next to the entrance to the Pembrey Burrows and Saltings Local Nature Reserve and the Millennium Coastal Path, one of South Wales major tourist attractions.

Clear it up! 





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