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Five lions poisoned near Amboseli

06/04/2010 23:48:07

Narika was being radio tracked by the Lions Guardians when she was speared to death.

Two lions speared - Courtesy of Wildlife Direct

April 2010. The recent drought decimated Kenya's domestic herds as well as the wildlife. Local communities appear to have lost their patience with lions and other predators and have started killing them. Recently two lionesses were speared in the Chyullu Hills between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks. One was nursing cubs that have probably died, and the other was pregnant. Local people spear lions to make a statement, but when they just want to get rid of them, poison is much more effective.

The Lion Guardians have managed to calm several serious situations recently after livestock predation incidents. However in this instance, they were unable to do anything to prevent the death of Narika, a lioness that had been fitted with a radio collar. The hunting party removed her tail, paws and ears for celebration as is their traditional custom. They also removed her Living with Lions collar, destroyed it, and probably buried it underground. In any case, it is nowhere to be found. 

5 lions poisoned
And in a worse incident, a pride of five lions, as well as a hyena, have all died after consuming poisoned bait near Amboseli National Park. According to the report, a bucket with purple stains and blood was found at the scene - it probably contained the items of bait that were laced as well as Furadan poison which is purple.

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