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New ranger team created to reduce human-lion conflict in India

20/04/2010 08:22:04

A new ranger team will help protect villagers and wildlife outside the Gir Sanctuary

Gir Forest rangers increase their remit to protect wildlife and villagers outside the park

April 2010. The Forest department with responsibility for protecting the Gir lions has created a new ranger team to deal with lion incidents that occur outside the Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary area.

Last month a lion was killed by several villagers in self defence just outside the Gir Sanctuary. In the aftermath of this incident, the forest department decided to extend its supervision into the non-forest area around Gir Jungle.

The rangers will build relations with the villagers around the boundaries of the protected area. They will try to educate the villagers on how to react to incidents, as well as removing potentially dangerous animals. The rangers first task was to relocate a 6-ft-crocodile from a village to a dam inside the park.

Gir expansion
In last two decades two regions have been added to the area of National Park, but there is now urgent need for a further expansion. There have also been plans made to create a second reserve, which would help protect the still severely endangered lions from outbreaks of disease, but these plans seem to have stalled at the moment.

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