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David Mayer - Wildlife artist

Bronze of a Scottish Wildcat chasing a rabbit, by David Mayer.
David Mayer has worked continuously as a freelance and in-house sculptor since 1987.

He was born in Staffordshire in 1964 and studied art at Leek Art College. His early career was spent as a survey assistant with the British Deer Society where he monitored the population numbers, behaviour and movements of Fallow deer in north Staffordshire.

David's training and background mean he is able to work in many media and explore diverse subjects. However, his lifelong passions for sculpture and wildlife draw him instinctively to sculpting the animal form.

Each piece is the result of field observation and starts with sketches before being transposed to clay. David's experience means he understands the importance of anatomical precision to the finished piece and he takes great care in the early stages of the sculpting process to ensure that every detail of movement and gesture is rendered accurately. Such attention during these stages allows him to explore textures, finishes and moods in the later stages of the piece, giving each one a unique and distinctive identity.

David sculpts pieces for numbered bronze editions. He also accepts public and private commissions.

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