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How to get a career in Wildlife photography.

This is one of the most competitive fields there are in photography. Gone are the days of huge budgets for documentaries or image libraries paying vast amounts for pictures. Most of the oft repeated dross on TV subscription Channels is down to little budgets and saccharine presenters; very few features can stand alongside Planet Earth, Deep Blue and Trials of Life.

Unfortunately nowadays idiotic production companies seem to worry more about having bimbo cement-head presenters than they do original footage. The same can be said for images, especially with the frankly disgraceful 'cheating' that goes on with 'wild' life pictures now. Images are sold royalty free and very few people get fat. Do not let this put you off, talent will always out in the end, but patience and funding is critical, no-one is ever going to give a job to a photography or film student without pedigree. It is essential that one's masthead is a burgeoning one. If this involves taking a loan to go travelling with your camera so be it, prospective employers want to see your portfolio, not listen to vacuous promises. Whether this involves pod casts, promotional DVD's or old fashioned enlargements, they will have to be pretty special to interest the appropriate people.

You need to be original, sensitive and, the old adage of Fleet Street sadly holds true for this more refined art, it has to elicit the reaction of 'Oh wow' or 'Oh my god' or it is likely to be directed to the worthy but ultimately obsolete land fill site of 'could do better' pictures or (alternatively Cable TV).

This is not meant to be a damning indictment of this noble art, but as budgets get squeezed and the genuine wilderness areas become more and more compromised it is critical that imagination, thought, diligence and patience are adhered to otherwise you will tread the wildlife boards for many a year.

Enter competitions, pester news outlets, get in people's faces, it is astonishing how this contributes, but above all be a menacing critic of your own work, only the very best will get you into the ball park.