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Glow worm walk

Glowing beetle lights up for nature fans

Lincolnshire nature fans are being urged to sign up to witness the amazing spectacle of a rare beetle glowing in the dark.

The Forestry Commission is staging a glow worm walk in 360-hectare (900-acre) Chambers Farm Wood Nature Reserve, near Wragby, Lincolnshire, on Saturday 19 June.

Glow worms are in fact beetles and females produce a soft glow in their body to attract males - a light that can be seen as far as 50 yards away. Once such insects were far more widespread than today, but Chambers remains a stronghold thanks to sensitive management, which includes leaving grass long so the ladies can climb to the top of stalks to maximise their chances of being seen.

Range Mary Porter said: "The glowing season is really only during June, so this is a rare chance to see the beetle. We'll be totting up the numbers we see and comparing it with previous years as our contribution to National Insect Week."

The walks starts at 10pm and meets at the Chamber Farm Wood Centre, signed off the B1202, Bardney to Wragby road. It costs £3 per person and booking is required on 01526 399943.

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