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Iranian Cheetah Society

 The Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS), an Iranian, non-profit NGO established in Aug 2001, works to save the last Iranian cheetahs. The society was founded by three young enthusiastic students of natural resources. With their five years experience in studying the cheetah before its official establishment, ICS has made remarkable progress in its activities to save the cheetah in Iran. ICS is based in Tehran and has hundreds of members from all over the country. They have also taken up the cause of the small leopard population in Iran.

Its main goals are:
• Public awareness about the cheetah and its associated biota through education, mainly in local communities
• Reducing human-cheetah conflict by implementing socio-economic programmes
• Biological surveys to learn more about the Iranian cheetah
• Conservation of the cheetah in its natural habitat, particularly with public participation.

A cheetah in Iran caught on camera trap.

ICS has focused a remarkable part of its activities on education, mainly on juveniles and youth, both at local community level, where people are in direct conflict with the cheetah and should co-exist with the cheetah, and also in cities where informing people about this invaluable wealth is so necessary. On the other hand, since less is known about the Asiatic cheetah compared with its African cousin, it needs to be studied in the wild and ICS has paid lots of attention and energy to this.

Recent surveys have shown that one of the cheetah's main prey species is wild sheep, and so a plan to study wild sheep behaviour and demography has been undertaken by ICS since winter 2002. Also, long-term surveys have been conducting on wolf and hyena as two main cheetah rivals in Iran since Dec 2001. At present, local education has the highest priority for the Iranian Cheetah Society and fundraising is the most important concern.

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The Iranian Cheetah Society have also taken up the cause of leopards in Iran. 


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