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The Vincent Wildlife Trust

Articles about the work of The Vincent Wildlife Trust



The Vincent Wildlife Trust is a national charity based in Ledbury, Herefordshire, which undertakes specialist wildlife research and conservation focusing chiefly on bats, polecat, pine marten and dormice. The charity was founded in 1975 by Vincent Weir and currently manages nearly 50 reserves in England, Wales and Ireland.

The VWT has always had strong links with the Mustelid family, of which the pine marten is a member, and as a result of its long-term approach to conservation, the Trust has built up a level of expertise that is unique in the UK.

The Vincent Wildlife Trust's ‘Prospects for Pine Martens' project forms a key part of the Trust's commitment to researching and conserving the remnant pine marten population in England and Wales. The VWT's pine marten project is based in South Cumbria, a pine marten hot spot, but covers the whole of England and Wales.

A new report on the pine marten had just been published by The Vincent Wildlife Trust and is available on request.

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