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Butterfly Conservation.

Butterfly Conservation is the UK's leading charity that works to save butterflies and moths. Butterfly Conservation manages habitats to ensure their survival, with special attention being given to threatened species.

see http://www.butterfly-conservation.org/ for more information.

Butterfly Conservation currently owns or leases some 32 sites, and the majority of these ‘formal' reserves are managed and monitored by volunteers in our various Branches.

Butterfly conservation reserves

Butterfly Conservation Facts

• Butterfly Conservation was established in 1968 and was originally known as the British Butterfly Conservation Society
• Its first president was broadcaster and naturalist Sir Peter Scott
• For its first 20 years it had no paid staff and relied entirely on volunteers
• Butterfly Conservation's 13,000-plus members continue to play a vital volunteer role - in the past 10 years they have collected in excess of 3.5million butterfly records
• This data enabled Butterfly Conservation to persuade the UK government to accept butterflies as indicators, both of climate change and of environmental change
• The EU is now also considering adopting butterflies as indicators
• Butterfly Conservation was the prime mover in establishing Butterfly Conservation Europe, which embraces 32 countries
• Butterfly Conservation bodies based on the UK model have been established in Asia, including in Japan and Taiwan


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