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Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

The IWDG was established in 1990 to co-ordinate the All-Ireland cetacean sighting and stranding scheme, aimed at encouraging cetacean reporting by the public. Current membership of c1,000 reflects a broad spectrum of people from throughout Ireland who share our interest in cetacean conservation. The Irish database contains in excess of 11,000 validated sightings and 1,500 strandings all of which are available on www.iwdg.ie.

This unique facility also contains species profiles on all 24 cetaceans species recorded in Irish waters and the entire fin and humpback whale photo identification catalogues of 41 fin and 7 humpback whales. This resource is updated daily as the latest cetacean sightings and strandings occur, and also includes regular articles on other marine species such as basking sharks and leatherback turtles.

For those interested in learning more about whales and dolphins, and how to observe, identify and record them in Irish waters, our comprehensive EVENTS section lists upcoming workshops as well as our popular Whale Watching Weekend Courses on Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork
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