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Link to Chris Packham's Tuesday film on the illegal shooting of migrating birds on Malta

Heading a self-funded camera crew, wildlife presenter Chris Packham is filing nightly reports on YouTube of the illegal hunting events in Malta in 2014. View the first video, from Monday 21, here and the second video, from Tuesday, here

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news/2010_jan/seaworld Decision on SeaWorld postponed

San Diego’s SeaWorld has been given a year’s reprieve after the California State Assembly decided it needed more information before a decision can be made either way on the proposed ‘Blackfish’ bill. The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, would ban shows featuring killer whales and captive breeding programmes.

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news/2010_jan/whaling International court rules Japanese whaling industry is illegal

Japan’s days of catching and killing more than 1,000 whales a year in the Antarctic are over as the ICJ rules the hunts are illegal under international law. Japan had claimed the hunts were legal as they were part of a scientific programme, but the court quashed this.


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news/2010_jan/grizzly_bear_2 Grizzly bear kill quota increases in Canada
As British Columbia prepares for its annual spring grizzly bear hunting season, researchers are protesting about the British Columbian Government's decision to open up areas that have been closed to hunting, increasing the grizzly bear kill quota from 1,700 to 1,800.

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news/2010_jan/elephant_web World’s biggest online ivory and whale meat retailer exposed

The Japanese retail giant Rakuten has been exposed as the world’s biggest online retailer for elephant ivory and whale meat products. The report by the Environment Investigation Agency revealed that the company’s Japanese website carries more than 28,000 ads for elephant ivory products and some 1,200 whale meat products ads.

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world/americas/cougar_draw Cougar subspecies declared extinct
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a formal review of the available information and have declared that the Eastern cougar is extinct.
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old_images/b/beaver-swt1 Scottish beaver trial – Beaver disappears after shots heard
After the first week, one adult female disappeared; the time of her disappearance coincided with unauthorized shooting heard in the same area. There has been no sign of the animal since and the matter has been reported to the local police for further investigation.
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world/Africa/charcoal_kiln Congo’s wildlife rangers launch offensive against armed groups trafficking charcoal in gorilla zone of Virunga
The Congolese National Park Authorities have sent the biggest ever deployment of armed rangers to strike at charcoal-making operations run by armed groups deep in the forests of Virunga National Park in Eastern DR Congo.
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