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Addo update - Lion cub and Black rhino calves

10/08/2008 17:11:44

The new cub with big sister. Courtesy of SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL PARKS

August 2008. Addo Elephant National Park's lion population has grown by one following the birth of a cub in June to the oldest of the lionesses in the Park. The cub has been seen following its mother, often accompanied by her first female offspring as well, in the area of the Park known as Wayne's Valley. A number of visitors, rangers and guides have reported sightings of the cub since it was about one month old. It is unusual that a lioness will allow her cub to accompany her from such a young age.

Now 12 lions
The latest addition brings the number of lions in the Park to twelve: double the number of lions originally introduced to the Park. The cubs of Ardlam - a male and a female - are now one and a half years old.

Hyenas breeding
The lions' fiercest competitors, the spotted hyena, are also thriving in the Park, with numbers estimated at more than 20. Eight spotted hyena were introduced to the Park in 2003 and 2004. Visitors have also spotted hyena and their cubs periodically, especially at a den site located in the area between Rooidam and Gwarrie Pan.

Black rhino calves
Two new black rhino calves have also been seen at Addo: One was seen on a camera trap and the other during an aerial census of the park.

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