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Rhino poaching update - Arrests and confiscation

22/11/2012 12:08:00 Game ranger amongst those arrested

November 2012. After the recent slaughter of 7 rhinos on 1 game farm in South Africa's North West Province, 3 men have been arrested by the South African Police Force. One of the men is believed to be a game ranger that worked on the far; experts said it would have been very difficult to kill and dehorn seven rhinos without anyone noticing unless there was some inside involvement.

Vietnamese arrested with 7 rhino horns
A Vietnamese man has been in arrested in Mozambique about to board an aircraft with seven rhino horns. It isn't known where the horns were sourced from, and it is the third time that a Vietnamese has been arrested recently in possession of rhino horn in Mozambique.

South African organised crime confiscation
Meanwhile in South Africa a man has had most of his property confiscated for being involved in organised crime. Joseph Nyalunga, who was apparently unemployed but bought several expensive cars for cash, was arrested in possession of several rhino horns.

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