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Botswana to ban trophy hunting

14/11/2012 09:06:14

President Khama has announced that hunting will stop in Botswana.

President Khama of Botswana has announced that Botswana will ban trophy hunting by 2014
November 2012. In his 2012 State of the Nation Address, the President of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Ian Khama, announced that Botswana will stop commercial hunting of wildlife in public areas from 2014. Wildlife Extra, and no doubt thousands of others, applaud President Khama and, as a result, we encourage as many people to visit Botswana as possible.

Part of the State of the Nation address, given on 5th November 2012, stated: "Of additional concern is the rise in cross border and domestic poaching incidents and trafficking of live predators, which are the subject of our new and evolving National Anti-Poaching Strategy. At the same time we have reached the decision to stop the commercial hunting of wildlife in public areas from 2014 as the shooting of wild game purely for sport and trophies is no longer compatible with our commitment to preserve local fauna as a national treasure, which should be treated as such."

Read Ian Michler's article on Botswana's hunting ban

As a photojournalist, Ian writes predominantly for Africa Geographic and Africa Birds & Birding, two of the continent's leading nature-based magazines. His popular monthly column in Africa Geographic explores topics such as conservation, wildlife management and travel.

Botswana Kills Trophy Hunting - Ian Michler reflects 

Predictably, many hunting outfits and hunters are up in arms, and many of them seem to think, (from studying their blogs etc) that some hunting will continue, especially for elephant as they are so numerous. They also believe that it will be a dark day for wildlife as poaching will take over and wipe out much of the game. Reading between the lines, the statement above says that hunting will be banned in ‘public areas', which we assume includes the Okavango Delta, Chobe & Kalahari National Parks etc.

Look at Botswana for your next holiday

Wildlife Extra praisies this initiative, and wants to encourage people to visit Botswana. If you are interested, visit the Botswana Tourist Board, Steppes Travel for a selection of safaris to Botswana, or the Botswana Tourist Board list of tour operators in Botswana.

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Hear Hear!!

Well done Graham, nice comments. Its nice to see some genuine stuff written about in this e-magazine.
I very much agree that hunting is still an essential part of conservation in Africa.

Posted by: Mark Jones | 15 Jan 2013 14:43:18

Botswana Kill Trophy Hunting - Ian Michler

Mr . Michler has for years attempted to evoke emmotion and reaction by stateing the outfitters in Botswana are guilty of illegal activity - and we have asked for proof of this so we may follow up and take action where neccessary, as expected nothing has ever been forwarded to us. There are 2 aspects to this - 1) its against the law to watch an illegal activity and not report it - akin to watching a rape and doing nothing , so why has he not reported it to the police and secondly 2) we have promised to take extreme action against any member who has committed an illegal or unethical activity, he has never laid a complaint ir case with any authority or legal entity in Botswana. Mr. Michler cannot write interesting and scientific articles as he has no formal qualification and relies on sensational articles that have not been researched or have scientific basis . however he has now publicly made defamatory and untrue acusations which have legal implications. He further refers to a growing number of Biologists who support non consumptive conservation practices. While the truth is the opposite - almost the entire acedemia in Botswana from The University Of Botswana , IUCN , Kalahari Conservation Society and every registered Scientific study body in Botswana opposes the ban on hunting. Michler has yet to ever conduct any research on any article he writes on Hunting - he makes things up as he writes. He refers to photo tourism based activities being the better option - yet the very consultancy that were mandated with drawing up the managment plans for the eastern areas undergoing change to non consumptive - states that hunting is the best land use for the area - they were instructed not to include hunting as an option , yet throughout the management plan state hunting is the better option - to quote CT 2 management plan " it is intrinsically unsuited to "high cost" photographic tourism and the only conservation option which will provide protection and economic return is safari hunting " CT/2 Management Plan ( BTO , Ecosurv 2012) , so even the Consultants who were instructed and directed not to include hunting as an option could only come to the opinion that hunting remains the best land use option in areas such as CT 1, 2 and 3.
These consultants were employed to ensure hunting was excluded. Michler has no idea and is a real threat to the conservation of Botswana's wilderness . He opposed hunting in the Kgalagadi district , when hunting was limited and finaly outfitters were forced to withdraw - the community have requested the land status return to agricultural - livestock , KD 1 , 2 and 11and 12 are currently being investigated to be transformed back into pastoral - this will alow predators to be destroyed in what was previuosly a protected area - he has just walked away from this now that these changes are happening - his actions and misguided writings contibute to the decline in conservation in Botswana. The vast majority of the Tourism Industry in Botswana have also opposed the change in land use in eastern Botswana as they know the area has little tourism potential but is very important to conservation of Northern Botswana and they acknowledge hunting is the only viable land use in these marginal areas..

Posted by: Graeme Pollock | 15 Nov 2012 07:37:55

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