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Odd location for wildlife - More newts in a dog bowl Again

08/10/2013 22:01:49

At the beginning of October, we spotted 4 newts have moved into the dog's water bowl.

Smooth and palmate newts appear in a dog bowl!

October 2013.  The Wildlife Extra office is near a large pond, and there is plenty of wildlife in and around that pond, but we were taken aback in August when two small, immature newts appeared in the dog's water bowl that sits outside our front door. We relocated the newts to the edge of the pond, but 2 months later, we now have 4 small newts in the dog bowl, apparently 3 palmate newts and a smooth newt. 

Newts actually spend much of their year on dry land, so it isn't unusual to see them away from the pond, but how and why they ended up in the dog's water bowl is a mystery. 

Even more surprising, it appears that they are two different types of newt; a smooth newt and a palmate newt! Once we had taken a couple of pictures, we released the newts back into the wild (before a dog could drink them.). 

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The two newts that we found in the dog's water bowl in August
Smooth Newt                                                 Palmate newt 


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