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More unusual bird behaviour as dove attempts to mate with a dead bird

08/04/2013 07:44:35 birds/2012_december/pigeon_behaviour2 Dove attempts to mate with a dead bird
April 2013. Last week's story about unusual Coal tit behaviour has prompted Koosha Dab, a coral researcher from Iran, to send us an even more extreme example. Mr Dab

Mr Dab sent us images of some very unusual behaviour he observed in a Rock Dove.

Mr Dab said "One day I saw a dead Rock Dove outside my window, and the dead body seemed to attract some Laughing Doves and also Rock Doves. The doves watched the dead body for a while and then flew away. This behaviour was repeated for an hour, and then a Rock dove arrived and put the other Doves to flight. The dove looked at the dead body and studied it for a while and then attempted to mate with the dead body.

After finishing the attempted mating, the dove again studied the dead body for a while again before flying away.

Photos of a rock dove attempting to mate with a dead bird - Our thanks to Koosha Dab for these images.


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