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Scottish man convicted of illegally trapping heron

14/10/2012 09:15:07

The heron had to be put down having been caught in the fenn trap. Photo courtesy of SSPCA

£1,500 fine for setting trap

October 2012. A man has been convicted of illegally trapping a heron following a joint investigation with the Scottish SPCA and Dumfries and Galloway Police.

Simon Duffin, 61, of Morrinton, admitted recklessly injuring the bird in a trap, setting in position a trap likely to cause injury to a wild bird and setting in position a trap likely to cause bodily injury to any animal, contrary to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, at Cargenglen Trout Farm. Duffin was fined £1,500.

A member of the public discovered the injured heron in water with a fenn spring trap (Spring loaded trap) around its leg. Unfortunately, this had resulted in such a severe injury that the kindest and only humane option was for the bird to be put to sleep to end any further suffering.

Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said, "We welcome the fact that Duffin now has a criminal conviction for these serious offences. Duffin had set four fenn traps at the side of a fish pond and they were not tunnelled as required by law. The heron was caused a great deal of pain, suffering and distress as a result. We would like to thank Dumfries and Galloway Police for their assistance in this investigation and Procurator Fiscal Pamela Rhodes for her determination in pursuing this case."

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