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Feral cats kill 480 million birds in US every year - Responsible for 33 extinctions

02/12/2010 03:18:07

GROWING PROBLEM: There are now more than 60 million feral cats in the US. Picture: Gaëtan Priour

480 million birds killed by feral cats each year

December 2010: A new report has put the annual economic loss from feral cat predation on birds in the US at a alleged $17 billion (Some of the maths involed in this figure are interesting, to say the least).

The report, Feral Cats And Their Management, analyses existing research on management of the burgeoning feral cat population - over 60 million and counting - in the United States, including the controversial practice of Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR).

Trap, Neuter & Release doesn't work
‘This report is a must read for any community or government official thinking about what to do about feral cats. It encapsulates the extensive research on this subject and draws conclusions based on that data. Not surprisingly, the report validates everything the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has been saying about the feral cat issue for many years, namely TNR doesn't work in controlling feral cat populations,' said Darin Schroeder, Vice President for Conservation Advocacy for American Bird Conservancy, US's leading bird conservation organisation.

Rarest parrot saved by poisoning feral cats in Australia

'These animals live short, miserable lives'
‘Communities seeking a solution to their feral cat problems need to consider the science on the issue and the well being of animals impacted by feral cats as well as the cats themselves. These other animals - birds especially - don't deserve to die at the hands of a predator introduced into their environment by irresponsible pet owners.

‘A humane decision-making process on this issue must also recognise that feral cats live short, miserable lives because of disease, other predators, severe weather and traffic hazards. Their life expectancy is about one third as long as owned cats,' Schroeder added.

More than 30 bird species have been wiped out
A key finding of the report was the statement by the authors that they do not recommend the TNR method to eliminate colonies of feral cats. In their extensive research, they were unable to find a single real-world example of TNR succeeding in eliminating a feral cat colony.

Some of the many findings of the report include:

  • Feral cats are invasive and pose a threat to native fauna and public health.
  • Three separate studies showed that most feral cats (62 to 80 per cent) carry the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis - a condition of special concern to pregnant women.
  • Cats are responsible for the extinction of at least 33 species of birds.
  • Feral cats kill an estimated 480 million birds in the US each year. 
  • Feeding feral cats encourages them to congregate which encourages the chances of diseases being transmitted.
  • The supplemental feeding of feral cats should be prohibited.
  • Cats will kill wildlife no matter how well they are fed.

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Cats are an out of control invasive species.

Cats destroy wildlife, usually the young and vulnerable. If people wish to keep cats, they should be retained on thier own property. Stray cats should be treated like stray dogs and taken to the nearest humane society or destroyed. Why not lease laws for cats? I resent the fact that cat owners and lovers think it is ok for thier cat to come on my property and destroy it (going to the bathroom in my garden and destroying nesting birds on my porch, killing the baby birds and female). The cat owners that let thier animals freely roam or feed feral cats are part of the problem not the solution.

Posted by: K Wineland | 24 May 2012 20:20:10



Posted by: WILLIAM KENNEDY | 02 Jul 2011 19:13:27

Why TNR and Cat Advocates Even Exist ...

It has been found that Toxoplasma gondii parasite is capable of changing the brains of whatever organism it infests. In mice, they lose the fear of cats and are even attracted to cat-urine. Making the asexual portion of the Toxoplasma gondii life-cycle faster to complete in order to replicate more quickly into its sexual reproduction phase in all host cats. This loss of fear and apprehension manifesting itself in humans in a similar manner, even when common-sense tells them they should depend on that sense of fear or doubt for their own survival.

Here are other ways that this parasite have been known to alter the thinking patterns of humans:

I strongly suspect that it might even be responsible for all cat-lovers' wholly contradictory behavior of putting cats, all other animals, and even all humans in harm's-way through their adamant insistence of promoting TNR programs, just to ensure the survival and spread of more Toxoplasma gondii parasites throughout the food-chain and in more humans. They are, in effect, being controlled against all reason and common-sense by the very parasite that is reproducing in their cats.

The stuff that sci-fi used to be made of come to reality. Real-life "pod-people". They can't think nor reason beyond the need of ensuring the survival of Toxoplasma gondii. It won't let them.

Posted by: Woodsman | 08 Jun 2011 00:41:23

Add a T to the word "shooing".

  • --The time for just shooing them off your land is over. Now add a T to the world “shooing” — if you value your life, your family’s life, and that of all wildlife.---

...Cats pass disease to wildlife, even in remote areas. ...

Now tell us all what to do about your cats when they crap in our gardens or on our lawns or in our woods (never-mind how much wildlife they have already destroyed just by their behavior) so no humans nor other animals die from it. I know what I'll do, use my rifle again, but I'll be much more careful of how I dispose of that carcass, to make sure that no other wildlife nor humans can ever come in contact with it again.

Who do we send the bill to to clean up this massive ecological disaster that you have created? Alley Cat Allies? It'd be a good start.

And for you hunters that shoot them for target practice (like all hunters here do), please bury them now. If a wild animal eats an infected cat carcass it will die from it. I know because I fed some cat-meat to some wild animals here once, hoping I could make use of a cat for something, and I never saw those animals again. There's no other reason they disappeared, they were in my yard every night for 2 years straight and then they never came back after feeding them cat-meat. If I had only known then what I know now.

And as for the rest of you? If you don't want to die, your children, pets, or have your wildlife die from a cat just defecating in your yard or garden, the time has come to shoot all cats on sight–everywhere. It's the only way we'll be able to get this problem under control. Whether anyone else condones it or not. It's the only viable solution now. Buy a rifle, go take a firearms education course, and start shooting. If your aim is good (get a laser-sight to make this near fool-proof) this is a FAR more humane method than any animal-shelter methods. One instant they are enjoying stalking some prey to destroy and not eat (even more at night, the laser-sight comes in handy then), the next moment they are unconscious and DEAD DEAD DEAD. It doesn't get more humane than that. And don't go telling me otherwise. I've done it many many dozens of times now.

After you've shot all of them that you can find then be sure to wear gloves when disposing of the cat-carcasses. Dispose by incinerating them or burying them deeply enough so their remains won't infect any more animals nor humans.

Either that, or take the namby-pamby pissant route that got us to where we are now ... catch every one that you see (and don't see) until all your lands and neighborhoods are 100% free of any roaming cats. Then have them taken in to be tested and then disposed of. OR put under MONITORED QUARANTINED living conditions where they'll never again step foot outside, lest you have to catch them and repeat this process all over again. And we all know what happens when cats are put back in the hands of cat-lovers, don't we. You know, your pissant solution we've used for decades. We're dealing with that problem right now. YOU ALL FAILED, BIG TIME.

It's your time and money. Which way do you prefer to solve this massive ecological-disaster that all these sociopathically irresponsible and pathetically idiotic piece-of-s* cat-lovers caused for the whole world? If you're not going to be part of the solution, then you are just as big a part of the problem.

The time for this action of shooting all cats on-sight was 20 years ago.

Everyone needs to take this matter into their own hands now. Lead or get the f
* out of the way. And we've already seen what YOUR spineless leadership has caused.

Posted by: Woodsman | 24 May 2011 10:09:21

Biological Warfare, that's all this is, plain and simple.

  • --Cats pass disease to wildlife, even in remote areas:---

Dear members of Vox Felina, members of Alley Cat Allies, and any other feral-cat advocates and feral-cat relocation groups,

Here’s something that you really need to read:

biological warfare n. (Abbr. BW) The use of disease-producing microorganisms, toxic biological products, or organic biocides to cause death or injury to humans, animals, or plants.

Read more:

Given the above information about cats harboring dangerous biological agents (of which you all were previously aware) that are harmful to wildlife and humans, as well as the cats themselves being just as harmful if not more-so (this too of which you were all aware), and the below information about your TRUE motives (if you weren't aware of it before, you most certainly are now); the fact that you want to infest public and private properties with these harmful biological agents means that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU CAN AND WILL eventually be held responsible for the crimes that you are committing against all of humanity and all of nature.

May you all rot in prisons as soon as possible.

Posted by: Woodsman | 22 May 2011 12:13:04

Human Territorial Behavior By Expendable Proxy

A little insight to help you with your war on cat-lovers and their cats. Maybe if you explain this to them you won't have to use more drastic means.

I have come to the inexorable conclusion that the vast majority of cat-lovers and cat-owners that let their destructively invasive-species roam free, and those that defend the rights for feral cats to overtake public property and wildlife areas, are only (cowardly) using cats as a proxy for their own territorial behavior. Not unlike uneducated inner-city youth that will disrespectfully and inconsiderately use a boom-box to stake-out a territory for themselves with loud music. As long as they can have one of their possessions defecate in another's yard and the yard-owner not have any recourse to do anything about it, the cat-owner owns that territory. It's time to put a stop to them using their "cute kitty" excuse for usurping and stealing others' property. If they want territory they can damn well buy it just like anyone else. Instead of using their underhanded, disrespectful, and manipulative means, putting (and sacrificing) live animals in the path of their envy and greed. Again proving why they don't care about cats nor anyone else at all. Cat-lovers only really want your lawn, yard, or forest while making all others and all other animals suffer for what they can't have nor own. Bottom line--they want to control you and your property. That's all that "cat-lovers" are really after. It's why they don't care at all if their cat nor any other animals get harmed by their goals and (lack of) values in life.

Posted by: Woodsman | 13 May 2011 11:23:34

Cat-Lovers are NOT Animal-Lovers

Don't anyone fall for the song and dance about cat-lovers being animal-lovers, they are anything but that. They don't give one damn about any other animals nor even other humans. The ONLY things they care about are themselves and their damnable cats. Cat-lovers have the same values that cats have--themselves. Nobody else and nothing else matters to them.

Their TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs are a dismal failure too. A smokescreen and time & money waster. Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Do a search online for the truth about all TNR failures.

Those cats that are released will still be decimating the native food-chain for all manner of animals larger than themselves, as well as destroying all the smaller animals that feed the larger ones. And if you feed a TNR cat colony they kill even more wildlife. A well-fed cat kills more animals than a starving one. They don't stop killing other animals just because they're no longer hungry. The healthier they are the more they kill. It's what they do, it's what they are. Lousy little killing machines, nothing more.

The problem is just not the loss of bird populations either. Feral cats and neighboring farmers that let theirs roam free have decimated the natural food-chain in my woods. The resident foxes, owls, and other predatory animals no longer had a food source, the feral cats destroyed all the smaller animals that all the larger ones depended on. The native species all starved to death. That's what cats do to ALL native animals.

I found out that where I live it is perfectly legal to defend your own property and animals from destruction by others' animals. I lost count after dispatching over 20 of the lousy piece-of-sh!t vermin with a good .22, outfitted with a laser-sight and good zoom rifle-scope. I didn't have to waste even one bullet, making this solution highly economical as well. Just think of how many dollars and hours of your lives that you have spent trapping, transporting, calling, complaining, restoring damaged property, ... and still all the problems that these useless cat-lovers have caused remains.

It's time to give cats and cat-lovers the same consideration and respect that they have for all other humans and all other wildlife--that means NONE. Don't bother wasting your time arguing with disrespectful, inconsiderate, and ignorant cat-lovers either, as I stupidly tried to do too many times in the past. Just do what needs to be done and there'll be nothing to argue about.

This year owls and foxes have returned to my woods. Through a large effort of my own, including raising and releasing native mice and voles to help repopulate the species that their piece-of-sh!t cats destroyed. Their lousy cats are finally gone. But I'll shoot again on first-sight the first chance I get (and anyone who tries to stop me from doing what needs to be done). The rewards for ridding one's land of ALL cats and restoring the native wildlife population are far too great.

Posted by: Woodsman | 08 May 2011 05:28:44

Cats torture wildlife

From January 22 will there be a blog post with picture of squirrels that have been badly wounded by cats and posted on my blog:

Ann Novek

Posted by: Ann Novek | 21 Jan 2011 13:35:31

Terrible massacre by cats on wildlife

I have worked as a wildlife rehabilitator's aid in a wildlife rehab center and have photo documented the terrible wounds cats have done to birds and squirrels.

Everyone is welcome to e-mail me so can I send you pics on squirrels that have been wounded terribly by cats.

Ann Novek

Posted by: Ann Novek | 21 Jan 2011 13:22:28

I was involved a fews ago with a feral colony of 25 cats. I traped and had them all fixed. I took them to the vet when they needed it. In the 10 years the colony was where I used to work, the cats hardley bothered any of the birds. They may have gotton a few over the years but not enough to make a dent in the bird popultation in the neighborhood. My feral colony finally all passed away and none took thier place. When they were alive they kept strange cats out of their territory. I disagree with this article./

Posted by: Christine Link | 12 Jan 2011 07:51:54

Sidney Holt comment

Mr Holt is one of the men behind th ewhales moratorium and as such should be respected. But when you read his comment here , this witness the ignorance of the cats impact on birds and wildlife. I'm truly shocked by Mr Holt. I'm a birder and conservationist. I spend 4 hours in the forest with birding every day and know that cats are only manmade and not natural, only an invasive species.

Please, Mr Holt, don't act like the local crazy cat woman! Thanks!

Ann Novek

Posted by: Ann Novek | 05 Dec 2010 12:01:35

More confused animal rights claptrap...

Louise, tell us, what were your neutered and released feral cats eating over the 10+ years they persisted in the landscape? Oh, just a few million rodents? Thats alright then- its not like wild rodents are a vital part of the landscape ecology and feeding native predators like reptiles, owls, falcons...

Fact is every cat your muddled TNR schemes save leads directly to the mass slaughter of wild animals with repercussions through the whole ecology. You re-released feral predators into the wild to carry on killing when you could have taken the opportunity to just get rid of the creature. To try and sell that as some sort of morally superior 'pro-welfare' strategy is ridiculous and really highlights the sort of bizarre cock-eyed logic which underpins so much of the animal rights agenda.

Rodents, although you clearly don't like them, are a species rich family of mammals which play vital roles in nature (I am not referring to urban scenarios). This really is a straight choice between the lives of your unnecessary introduced cats and the vastly more numerous lives of the necessary native creatures. Time to grow up. There is no choice which does not involve death and suffering- cat eradication leads to far less suffering than your plan. Feral cat extinction in wild landscapes is the true responsible and compassionate choice.

Regarding your claim that Macquarie Island is some sort of example of wildlife manager's incompetence you are completely wrong. The original proposal was to eradicate cats and rabbits at the same time but political budget cuts meant that the Parks Service had to choose which species to eradicate. Clearly if the rabbits went first the cats would hammer the seabirds even harder so the cats were taken out. Now the politicians have seen how dumb they were the rabbit eradication is now belatedly underway- do you object to that too? Or are rabbits not cute enough for you to worry about them?

To anyone familiar with the reality of the Australian landscape your claims about cats being unimportant in species conservation compared to habitat quality is hilarious- there is a huge amount of premium habitat in arid australia which is now devoid of small mammals- the only sites where the small mammals survive and thrive is inside catproof enclosures such as those of 'Arid Recovery' near Roxby Downs. The density of vegetation in the arid zone depends on the (extremely variable) rainfall- what are natives supposed to do in dry years when the veg is gone but the cats are still there? I know what they do- they get slaughtered and go extinct.

Continent-wide eradication of feral cats has never been attempted but its time it came to the top of the agenda. Australia will only face yet more extinctions if it doesn't come soon.

Posted by: Mark | 05 Dec 2010 00:11:15

Feral cat TNR DOES work

First go to Vox Felina's webpages and read about how these so-called "studies" on cat predation are all flawed and exaggerated. Secondly, TNR DOES work. I have TNR'd many colonies during the last 20 years that no longer exist today. The cats all died eventually---some at 12 to 15 years old. (so much for "feral cats live short, miserable lives".)
The thing is they (the anti-cat folks) look at a couple of colonies who still have cats in them 15 or so years later, and say TNR does not work. The truth of this is the U S is a CONTINENT and we have no laws or even ways of implementing any laws to force people to sterilize their housecats. Nor can our animal control agencies keep up with people abandoning cats, so colonies will have a constant influx of new animals. But in every colony on a college campus, or any of the colonies the anti-cat people cite, the numbers are down from around 1,000 to even 2,000 cats to 500 or less.
Thing is: THEY will not listen. THEY have made up their minds that feral cats are Invasive, alien, exotic pests (even though cats have been living in the U.S. for over 500 years in a feral state) and have taken over as Mesopredators as we killed all the larger predators such as wolves and cougars.
Every study shows that even if cats rely solely on hunting, rodents are their main prey. A small number of cats become "bird specialists" but for the main part, actually feral cats live in cities and urban areas, and their main source of food is HUMAN GARBAGE.
ALSO....Only on small islands have they been able to eliminate feral cats, and some islands took 16 years (Marion Island) to do this, and other islands (Macquarie) became a disaster zone after they eliminated feral cats. So how in the heck do they plan to wipe out millions of cats on a Continent? And what will happen to our cruelty laws? So you are then allowed to go out and shoot any cat at will? What about pet cats??
I could write a book on this topic, but don't want to go on too much. Let's finish with a warning from Dr. John Terborgh in his book "Tropic Cascades": Dr Terborgh warned that eradication of cats alone on islands could result in a release in the rat populations and intensify bird declines. Now imagine the rat populations exploding on continental USA?
Dr Lilith in Australia found that protecting and restoring the habitats of declining native wildlife may be MORE IMPORTANT than simply controlling where pets can go. She said there was a popular perception that cats were the main problem in conserving small mammals, but vegetation and ground cover density appear to be a more important issue.

Posted by: Louise Holton | 04 Dec 2010 13:31:41

Rhetoric vs action

Neuter and release is expensive idiocy- the animal still go on to kill and kill. Bullets and poison are infinitely cheaper and more humane for NATIVE species. Cats lives are never more important than native creatures. Animal rights is camouflage for apathy about slaughter of wildlife and extinction.
Regarding the race responsible for cat introductions in Oz, that's totally irrelevant- humans caused the problem so shirking responsibility for fixing it in the name of some garbled ideology is frankly immoral.

Posted by: Mark | 04 Dec 2010 02:36:25

inf on feral cat research

this research was done by students of U. of Nebraska at Lincoin. Whatever data the students gathered, they got it from or based on someone else prior research. So their work could be like a house made of card thing. TNR has been working and that is why is popular now and is taken seriously by departments of animal control of most cities. And that is why fish and game does not trap cayote any more because trapping and killing one will only get more to replace the previous one.

Stephen Vantassei, the researcher for this study, did state this is not for any scientific publication ( no hard fact to support such study and no real solution either ). It is for the average Joe to entertain himself and mold the public opinions on feral. It is more like a political campaign. Next thing the bird society will come up with i assume is to declare the animal libers like humane society and aspca are all witches and must be burned to death along with the cats for the public entertainment. By the way, the world must be still flat and the sun does revolve around earth!

Posted by: sauwah | 04 Dec 2010 00:19:49

feral cats study

didn't non native people were the ones who imported cats to australia? since these folks were not native and along with their cats, they also brought in other invasive species like goats, cattle and dogs, these white folks are the real killers of wildlife. you can kill all you want, if you do not end those or forbid those who turn their own pet into feral, there will always be problems and death of wildlife.

if one is truly a wildlife enthus, one should know that human race is the real 666 for all wildlife period. the disappearing of all endangered species like tigers, lions, pandas, great white,jaguars,wolves and asian elephants are due to human invasion and development.

as for this so called study on feral cats, the researcher Stephen Vantassei never claims this study is NOT a scientific journal. this study was done by students who based their research and numbers on previous research. In short, it is for public consumption to turn the public opinion for any kind of animal abuse or killing by non governmental agency.

Posted by: sauwah | 03 Dec 2010 23:56:54

Cats are 666 for wildlife!

Feral cats are living pollution.
They are the number one threat to wildlife in many locations around the planet. (-the number two threat are the animal rights jihadists who work to prevent the cat problem being sorted out!)
My home Australia is plagued by these destroyers of native mammals and birds- the cat's impact makes climate change look comparatively benign.
I live in hope that someday a cat-specific virus will be developed and released here- there are a huge range of creatures that are on the brink which could be saved by feral cat extinction but I suspect the soft-headed, big-mouthed animal lib crusaders will prevent it ever happening. As every cat they save is responsible for hundreds of native creature's deaths, they have blood on their hands.
As the snarky comments above prove covering this story was always going to attract rabid hostility so 10 out of 10 for covering it.

Posted by: Mark | 03 Dec 2010 23:00:51

feral cats problem?

i just don't believe this study. and how can any fair and educated person rely on this study alone? who funded and who did this research? and what was the researcher's agenda?

i know we, the human race, are so ready to point our finger at some other person than ourselves. and this time is naturally cats.

in the dark ages, cats were believed to be helpers of witches or the devil. now cats are the evil mass murderers of the innocent and helpless little birds. i assume these billions of birds are the key stone species of the world in the eye of birders.

the persons who did this study and groups like the American Bird Society conveniently overlook one big fat fact. And it is feral cats stemmed or originated from human abandonment and neglect in the first place. And because there are still civilized human beings who on purpose dump their cats that have been their pets before into our parks, roadsides and forests, the resourceful ones somehow are able to make a living in an extremely hostile environment. Now I must say all stray ( homeless ) and feral cats are living in an extreme hostile one thanks to the bird society and the sadistic ones who strive to torture animals and watch them slowly die in pain. I know for i have seen enough sick video of cats being mauled by hunting dogs and being burned alive. These cats are often stray or dumped by people. And i am sure if our society and politicians are ignorant enough to believe what this study and what the birders have to say, any cats that are victimized by human carelessness will be fair target for haters and sickos.

Cats are so called invasive species in Australia; and so are dogs, sheep and cattle. But do we see them being treated as such? These species also kill the native Australia animals.

So what feral cats carry parasites? And what this has to do with women who are carrying babies? How often do we see women touching cats or animals' waste? And let's not forget, dogs too carry worms that can be transmitted to kids and people alike.

Wildlife extra should really does its homework before broadcasting this death sentence on animals that can't speak up for themselves. And it is neither fair nor humane to cast all the ill on one species . This is NOT THE DARK AGES! And there are always control freaks that hate cats. I don't see why since they are just animals. And how can any reasonable and emotional mature people take such a negative view on God's creature.

The responsible ones for the diminishing birds are companies that cut down all trees and taking away birds and other wildlife's habitat. And since hunters on big game are the truly ones should take all the blame. Why? They have killed off all the big predators like cougars, bears and wolves that keep deer number down. With deer number increase, all the brushes are eaten away. Thus homes for birds are gone. I learned it from the case of Yellowstone where song birds now have returned because the wolves are back! And I do not recalled any curling of feral cats in Yellowstone.

In short, educate oneself before any so called study by groups that set their deadly target and prejudice on any species. We are the ones that introduce such animals. They are innocent because they are animals. Thus they are incapable of murder, hate and any sadistic behavior.

This study only make animal abuse and fun killing easy. Since song birds are also wild animals; people should not feed them. Would you recommend any one to feed a wild bear ? A cougar or a wolf? NO! So why birds? Feeding birds only attract again feral cats in one's neighborhood. Worse. Rats! I know, i have done such feeding.

Birds carry parasites too, so we should also let them alone!

Feeding feral cats should be illegal? Really? Will the birders pay more taxes to build more prisons? And let's put the kind old ladies behind bars for the sake of one's prejudice and fear?

Lastly, the study does not spend enough time on ferals to me. Because if he/she cared to spend time and energy, he will know that most so called feral cats are lost or abandoned pets! If kindness is made illegal, we are lost forever! The ones should be banned are pet owners that dump their cats. I am pretty sure these cats do NOT want or demand to be dumped like garbage in the first place. And those who do not fix their cats and let them breed should be fined.

Posted by: sauwah | 03 Dec 2010 21:43:54


So where is this study & by whom? I suspect it's mostly true, but $17 Billion :-)

Posted by: D. Moran | 03 Dec 2010 17:08:48

Article looks good and fair to me. The University of Nebraska report explains the assumptions on which the claims are based, and these are reasonable. Introduced species can severely deplete local wildlife, and this (and the Australian story linked) just provide further examples.

Posted by: Bob Carswell | 03 Dec 2010 16:57:57

Cat Lover

Cats are wonderful animals and make great companions. My family and I have spent countless hours playing and laughing with the cats in our home, but as responsible pet owners they are not permitted to go outside. This is for their safety as well as the wildlife around our house. I know this is a very emotionally charged debate, but the facts keep pointing to the truth that TNR is a form of animal abuse. Please stop the needless destruction of wild animals and the exposing to disease and injury of our feline companions!

Posted by: Travis Rosenberry | 03 Dec 2010 14:36:19


I think this is an unscientific and badly biassed article.
The $17billion figure is ridiculous and not substantiated
All feral mammals and birds carry parasites.
I could go on but is it worth it? Such an article is not worthy ofWildlife Extra

Posted by: Sidney Holt | 03 Dec 2010 13:30:36

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