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Where to see Glow worms in the UK

15/06/2012 10:17:50

Glow worms are actually beetles. Photo credit Dave Kilbey.

Glow worms
Female glow-worms produce a soft light in their tails during early summer nights to attract males. 

But the romance is a rushed one - adult beetles survive for just a few weeks and in that time they need to mate and lay eggs to ensure the survival of the next generation. 

Once far more widespread than they are today, glow-worms have cast a spell over humans for centuries. Shakespeare mentions them in Hamlet and their soft glow on mid-summer nights must have seemed like a scene from a magical world.

Where & when to see glow worms in the UK
Glow worms are nature’s nightlights and are at their best in July. Some of the UK's best spots to see them are:

glow-worm before its lighting up time. 

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Glow-worm spotting in Devon

Devon Wildlife Trust's species campaign this year focuses on glow-worms. We are asking members of the public to contact us with details of their sightings - either recent or from the past.

We have received reports of recent glow-worm sightings at Bystock Pools and Farringdon. Other hotspots are at the Tarka Trail in Yelland and around Bantham.

Devon Wildlife Trust is also running a series of glow-worm spotting events - for further details visit

Posted by: Tracey Draper | 22 Jun 2012 11:31:53

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