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Green frog eats a snake - photo

04/01/2010 23:19:26

Green tree frog in Queensland, eating a snake. Photo credit Ian Hamilton

Courtesy of
Green frogs are a regular sight in Far North Queensland - but rarely making a meal of a snake. As this photo, taken by Ian Hamilton, shows, the frog is not incapable of experimenting with new predator-prey relationships and dinnertime treats.

Mr Hamilton said his 18-year-old grandson, Brendan Healy, spotted this frog snacking on a brown tree snake in his grandparents' retirement village garden in Mackay, in Queensland, Australia.

He said "We took some photos, not realising at the time just how unusual it was. There were three other frogs watching as well."

The Green Tree Frog is one of the largest of all Australian frogs, and can reach 10 centimetres (4 inches) in length. They have one of the longest known lifespans of frogs, living up to 15 years. Green Tree Frogs are often found living near humans, where they can be welcome as they usually dine on insects.

It's not the first time a frog has been caught on camera with an appetite for something surprising. In June another Queensland resident photographed a frog eating a bird.

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