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Grevy’s zebras endangered

16/11/2006 00:00:00
It is hard to believe. When I first travelled around Northern Kenya in 1989 there seemed to be Grevy’s zebras everywhere, however now Grevy’s are amongst the most endangered of all zebras. They have declined from more than 15,000 is the 1970s to fewer than 2000 today as a result of over hunting and habitat loss. Kenya banned hunting as a result of its impact on many species. Despite the hunting ban they remain at risk due to changes in their environment, habitats and competition with livestock and disease.
Grevy's zebra. © Wildlife Direct
Siva Sundaresan, who works on Grevy’s zebra conservation, writes:-

Today this spectacular species is found only in northern Kenya and Ethiopia, their last stronghold is the Laikipia-Samburu ecosystem where just 1,500 remain. Even here they are really vulnerable, don’t tell them I said it but they are a little dim witted and are not all that predator savvy.

I work together with other scientists, local communities and land managers to learn more about how Grevy’s zebra interact with livestock, lions and people so that we may better conserve them.

We do radio tracking, behavioural research, monitor their health and their parasites, and we from time to time we have to move them.
If you want to read more about his work with Grevy’s zebras, or to donate towards the conservation, please click here.

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