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$40,000 to hunt an elephant and you can import the ivory legally into UK!

31/03/2011 23:31:19

Hunted or poached? What is the difference?

Import of hunting trophies into the UK - Why is it still legal?

With all the noise that comes out of DEFRA and the government about conservation, Wildlife Extra was very surprised to discover that it is still perfectly legal to import rhino horn and elephant ivory into the UK. It is necessary to get a CITES license, and there are restrictions on reselling them (does anyone ever check?). However once a form has been filled in, you are free to go and shoot a rhino or elephant and bring the horns or ivory back to the UK (And probably almost every other country.).

Sign a petition

Let's try to stop this nonsense, please sign a petition to completely ban the import of ivory and rhino horn into the UK.

Click here to go to the petition 

The cost of Wildlife - The latest hunting and wholesale prices for African wildlife

March 2011. We wrote an article a year ago expressing our surprise that it was still legal to import ivory into the US. We are absolutely disgusted to find out that it is still legal to import Ivory and rhino horn into the UK, as trophies!  

There is a debate to be had over hunting. At one end of the scale, a Kalahari bushman who kills to eat; At the other end is the poacher who kills a rhino for money, although arguably most poachers are ultimately just trying to feed their family, and are not as bad as the redneck who shoots a rhino for pleasure.

In fact, looking around at many commercial hunting sites, the way that each and every hunter poses with the poor animal that he has just killed, it seems that it is a matter of trying to prove just how tough they are, ignoring the fact that many of the animals are kept in enclosures to make it as simple as possible. I really pity those who have shot and posed with such dangerous animals as mountain sheep, caribou or even a deadly wildebeest in an effort to boost their image - Why else would they publish the images on the web?

At Wildlife Extra we have recently been sent several emails, totally unsolicited, offering us live animals from Tanzania, and hunting opportunities in South Africa and Canada. We do not object to all hunting, but some of these are just so obnoxious and others appear to be canned hunts; how else can you hunt American bison in South Africa?

Surrender your ivory

Twiggy and Julie Walters call on the public to surrender their ivory and protect elephants from being slaughtered for their tusks.

Worth more dead than alive.

According to a wildlife trader called "Munira Birds Investment", you can buy a live African elephant for $30,000US, whereas you will have to pay more than $40,000 US to ‘hunt' and kill an elephant in South Africa. Munira offer a full range of Tanzanian birds, mammals, reptiles and insects, and they are not the only ones offering these animals. The prices on the right were offered to me by 'Kwiramba Zoo'. The one ray of hope here is taht at least one of these sites may well be run as part of a fraud, getting people to pay for animals that never appear. If so, this is a great ruse and will penalise the idiots trying to buy the wildlife!

hunting prices in south africa

Hunting prices sent to Wildlife Extra by email. 

In North West: 2x Lions (1x male & 1 female)
2 days accommodation; PH Fees & cites & soft drinks included (alcohol excluded) R190,000 (SA Rand)

Limpopo: Hippos @ R80,000 (SA Rand) each
Please confirm! There is a high demand
Cites & accommodation @ PH Fee included

Crocodile @ R70,000 for 3 - 3.5 m long
Cites @ accommodation and PH Fee included

I have 2 American Bison to hunt @ R125,000 pd pp
Accommodation @ R5,000 per day included PH Fee, cold room, skinners & tracker.
It is more than 5 star accommodation.

I also have Arabian Gemsbuck @ R125,000
Accommodation the same as Bison's.

Oribi @ R25,000 (Includes cites & PH Fee & accommodation)

2x Buffalo Bulls in Limpopo @ R125,000
You hunt the biggest one
Accommodation, vehicle & taxidermy included.
Trophy will be done by Hedge Hog Taxidermy.
I have a contract with the owner.

Zimbabwe: Leopard; I have a contact & it includes your cites.

Mpumalanga: Elephant bulls to hunt.
(Cites, exporting @ Accommodation and PH Fee included)
Price on request

If you are interested in Indian Black Buck, let me know. Few Giraffe bulls & Bush pigs available for 2011.

Attachment sent to us by  

live animal prices from tanzania

Prices for wildlife sent to us by "Munira Birds Investment."

Bush pig Potamochoerus porcus $2,000
Plain Zebra Equus burchellii $2,500
Smith Bush squirrel Paraxerus cepapi $200
Ground squirrel Paraxerus ochraceus $200
Tree squirrel Paraxerus ochraceus $200
South African crested porcupine Hystrixafricae-australis$1500
North-African crested porcupine Hystrix cristata $1500
SPRING Hare Pedetes capensis $300
Spotted hyena Crocuta crocuta $1500
African Wild cate Felis silvestris $850
Small spotted genet Geneta tigena $500
Rusty spotted genet Geneta tigrina $500
East African civet civettictis civetta $300
Four toed hedgehog erinaceuse albirentris $60
Rock hyrax Procavia capensis $450
Tree hyrax Dendrohyrax capensis $450
Elephant shrew Elephantus brachyhyncus $450
Dwarf mongoose Helogale parvula $300
White tailed mongoose Ichneumia albicauda $350
Banded mongoose Mungos mungo $350
Ratel/Honey badger Mallivora capensis $1200
Zorila Ictonyx striatus $1,500
Cane rat Phrynomys imhaus $400
Aardvark orycteropus cafer $3500
Vervet monkey $200
Blue monkey $250
Yellow baboon Papio anubis $500
Olive baboon papio cynocephalus $500
Impala aephyceros melampus $700
Tomson's Gazelle gazella thomsonii $1000
Grant gazelle gazelle granti $1500
Widebeest connnochaetes taurinus $2500
Kirki's Dik-dik madoqua kirkii $300.


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