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Chinese man fined equivalent of just

01/04/2013 00:25:27

No Deterrent

Until smugglers get a serious punishment, they will continue with their evil trade. The ivory in this case was probably worth $5000 or more, so such a paltry fine will mean virtually nothing. He probably went straight from the police station to collect his next batch.

Derisory punishment is no deterrent
March 2013. A Chinese ivory smuggler has been fined the derisory amount of 30,000 Kenyan shillings (around £230, $350) after he pleaded guilty to charges of smuggling 439 pieces of worked ivory through Kenya.

Tian Yi, 50, was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) while on transit aboard Flight from Kinshasa, DRC Congo to Hong Kong. The ivory had been chopped into pieces of two inches each and painted brown, and they were hidden in a suitcase mixed with tree barks to disguise it as traditional medicine. He was arrested by a joint security team comprising Kenya Airports Police Unit, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Airways (KQ) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

The suspect has since paid the fine and been set free.

More arrests and seizures
Meanwhile, Kenya Wildlife Service rangers arrested two suspects and recovered four pieces of ivory weighing 83kgs from a villagein Taita Taveta County. Three more suspects were arrested and a piece of ivory weighing 27kg, two poisoned arrows and a weighing machine recovered in the same county the following day.

In Nakuru County, two suspects were arrested and four pieces of ivory recovered in Mau Forest, and another suspect was arrested in Isiolo County with four pieces of ivory.

KWS in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies has intensified security operations and surveillance across the country to curb wildlife related crimes.

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No respect for wildlife

Given time the Chinese will dominate the world, not good, as the majority of Chinese people have no respect for wildlife. Although a very small number, namely the 5 wildlife photographers that China has, are trying to change this.. Good luck to Zhinong Xi and his colleagues they have a mammoth task ahead.

Posted by: coralstar13 | 13 Apr 2013 19:41:05

What a pathetic fine for the Chinaman!

Why is this Chinaman getting easy treatment - whose bed-fellow is he? African countries are big chums with the Chinese, allowing them in to one day take over their countries - you'll wake up with a rude shock, and it'll be after the Chinaman has finished off all the elephant and rhino. Hardly any tourism then - and where will you all be? - you'll be employed by the Chinaman and you'll be doing exactly what he says!!! Big surprise! Your Africa will be gone, over-run and ruled by the Chinese - wake up before it's too late.

Posted by: Lindsay Rooken-Smith Jenions | 06 Apr 2013 20:50:35

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