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Lady of Liuwa gets 2 sisters as lionesses are relocated to Liuwa National Park

19/02/2012 23:22:04

The new arrivals are loaded into a van en-route to Liuwa. Copyright African Parks

Two young lionesses join the Lady of Liuwa - Courtesy of African Parks
February 2012. As part of the long-awaited bid to ensure a viable pride of lions in Liuwa Plain National Park, two young lionesses were captured in Kafue National Park in October and translocated to Liuwa. It is hoped that the youngsters will prove to be the catalyst for a thriving lion population once more in this 366,000 hectare national park.

The tale of The Last Lioness - captured in an award-winning documentary -highlights the demise of Liuwa's once thriving lion population and documents the solitary life of Lady Liuwa, the only lion that remained within this vast floodplain ecosystem in western Zambia. In a hopeful ending, the film documents the introduction of two male lions whose courtship with Lady Liuwa would end her lonely vigil and result in litters of cubs being born on the Liuwa plains.

No cubs
Sadly, despite responding enthusiastically to her companions and engaging in copious mating activity, she failed to produce any cubs over an 18 month period. By the end of 2010, despite Lady Liuwa's worldwide fame, the prospects of a viable lion population at Liuwa once again seemed dire. So in mid 2011, African Parks took the decision that the introduction of new lionesses was the only option to ensure the continuance of lions in Liuwa, despite the potential threat that new females could pose to the now aging Lady Liuwa.

After obtaining permission from the Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to capture two young lionesses in KafueNational Park, the hunt was on to identify a suitable pair. The two young lionesses were captured on October 18th and driven overnight to Kalabo village on the outskirts of Liuwa Plain where they were transferred to an open truck and driven into the park. Once safely ensconced in their new boma, it took them two days to finally eat their first meal. A special license was granted to shoot wildebeest to meet their feeding requirement.

The two lionesses have since been released from the boma and are proving to be quite self- sufficient and extremely mobile and African Parks continue to monitor how well they adapt to the new environment closely and on a daily basis.

Despite repeated mating, the 'Lady Liuwa' didn't produce any cubs 


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Recent (mixed) update from the African Parks site

Posted by: rrpanicker | 05 Aug 2012 10:37:33

Lady Liuwa Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by: LionVoice | 16 Jun 2012 17:30:19

lady liuwa

any new news or videos? photos? great story/film

Posted by: Patrick | 12 May 2012 17:33:31

Lady Liuwa a Heroine!

Lady Liuwa is an inspiration. She has overcome all adversity. So encouraging to see all the hard work to reinstate the lion population, an abomination to begin with. Thank you to all who are involved with reversing this catastrophe. I loved the documentary and watch it every time it airs. Maybe an update is in the works?

Posted by: kim gabriel | 10 Apr 2012 22:47:15

lady liuwa

Is there any NEW!!! video of lady liuwa and her pride and the two young female who just was introduced I want to see her move and happy and her reaction when she sees the two new lioness someone please reply I hope there is a new video :D

Posted by: Qasim | 05 Apr 2012 00:23:28

Good luck for them!

It´s wonderful to read news about Lady Liuwa... of course it is very sad to know that she didn´t gave birth to any cubs... but it would be very nice if she accepted the two new lioness and if they accept her as a leader. She has so much to teach... and what an increadible hunter she is!

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Posted by: Lara | 04 Apr 2012 17:38:38

Lady Liuwa

Awww it's sad that our Lady Liuwa has not been able to produce any cubs :( thanks to all of you that have been looking out for her well-being as I read about Lady Liuwa in the metro paper whilst travelling to London sometime ago, and waited patiently on news of her. please keep us updated on her life & her new pride of sisters

Posted by: Roberta Bown | 04 Mar 2012 08:23:28

The Lions of Liuwa

It is sad to hear that the famous Lady Liuwa did not proiduce any cubs but very encouraging to hear about her new companions and the start of a new larger prde. Hopefully she will welcome the her new pride sisters and still continue to reside as the matriarch. She is an amazing lioness.

Posted by: Mike Dominici | 20 Feb 2012 14:23:53

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