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Boris – Time to stop playing the clown – Keep London’s wildlife police

02/05/2012 10:01:52

Boris has always played the clown - Now it is time to get your head straight. Copyright Wildlife Extra.

Dad will be cross 

Stanley Johnson, Boris' dad, is a wildlife enthusiast and chairman of The Gorilla Organization. We wonder what he might think of little Boris' refusal to guarantee the funding.

Deborah Meaden: ‘Boris please recognise wildlife crime as a dirty business'

May 2012. Businesswoman Deborah Meaden, has thrown her support behind the World Society for the Protection of Animals' campaign to ask the London Mayoral candidates to ensure police funding to tackle the capital's wildlife crime.

So far, Brian Paddick, Jenny Jones and Ken Livingstone have pledged to secure the future of the Met Police Service's Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) if elected.

The candidates are adding their voices to the more than 10,000 people already backing the World Society for the Protection of Animals' (WSPA) campaign to safeguard the future of the city's specialist wildlife police in the face of austerity cuts.

The only major candidate to not have publicly supported the Metropolitan Police Service's Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) is Boris Johnson.

London is international hub for illegal trade
Deborah Meaden said: "With London as a UK and international hub for illegal trade in wildlife, the commitment of the London Mayor to adequate policing is crucial. Some of the animals that come into our capital dead, or in parts, I have seen recently in the wild where they belong. I can't believe that Boris would support this dirty business."

Some of the illegal wildlife items seized by the London Wildlife Crime Unit.

Some of the illegal wildlife items seized by the London Wildlife Crime Unit.

Illegal wildlife trade worth $10 billion per year
WSPA is battling the illegal wildlife trade as a global priority, with recent studies suggesting that the illegal wildlife trade valued at between 7.8 and10 billion US dollars each year with links to drugs cartels, organised crime, and even to terrorism.

WSPA UK Campaigns Manager Rachel Alcock said: "London's mayoral candidates want to lower the capital's murder rate. So do we. A strong Wildlife Crime Unit, confident of support from politicians, with the resources it needs to make London a city where wildlife crime becomes a memory, is what the wildlife criminal fears most.

The international animal welfare charity is calling for funding to allow officers to use and develop their specialist skills and knowledge to tackle criminality more effectively, bring criminals to justice and make London safer.

30,000 Endangered species items seized
"Since 1995 the Met have seized over 30,000 endangered species items. Without the WCU, it's clear that wildlife is at risk of exploitation, cruelty and even extinction. Three of the mayoral candidates have said they don't want that on their conscience. Today we're calling for Boris Johnson to say the same and pledge to safeguard the future of wildlife crime policing in the city."

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