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Man Eater shot dead in India

01/02/2007 00:00:00 October 2007. The Maharashtra Forest Department had ordered the capture of a tiger which had killed three people (some reports suggest as many as six) near Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve. Armed forest guards were trying to trap one, or possibly two, tigers in the Talodi Range about 30 km from the reserve.
Man eater shot dead near Talodi. Copyright Phil Davies/Tiger Awareness
Following the death of the local villagers, three cage traps were laid out capture the tiger. The plan was to relocate the tiger once it had been caught. However after unsuccessful attempts to lure the tiger into the traps, he was shot when he returned to a buffalo he had killed earlier.

Hard Decisions
While this is a tragic waste of a precious tiger, we believe that sometimes these hard decisions have to me made. If there is any chance in saving the tigers in India, it must be done in conjunction with and with the blessing of the local villagers. To gain their trust and co-operation, problems must be dealt with as quickly as possible, or they will take matters into their own hands. Ideally every tiger would be kept alive, but sometimes this is just not possible.

Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve, in Maharashtra state, has an area of about 625 sq. km. and is home to about 45 tigers.

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