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Very rare Marsh Dowd moth found at WWT Martin Mere

25/07/2010 11:10:35

Marsh Dowd moth, usually only found in Madeira, found at WWT Martin Mere.

Marsh Dowd moth usually found on Madeira
July 2010. A very rare moth from Madeira has been identified at WWT Martin Mere in Lancashire. Marsh Dowd (Blastobasis rebeli) is a first for the reserve, and it is believed that this is the only time this species has been recorded in the UK away from Hampshire and West Sussex. The moth was identified by the micro recorder for Lancashire.

Found in Hampshire in 1998
With a wingspan of 13 mm, the moth, otherwise only known from Madeira, was recently discovered in Hampshire in 1998. There are several records from the same area over the last few years, so it is assumed to be breeding in the Hampshire vicinity.

Reserve Manager, Chris Tomlinson, said: "This is an amazing find for the Centre. It is brilliant when we find new species starting to use the reserve as we work so hard in creating the right conditions for them. We do host moth mornings at the centre so hopefully this moth will increase interest and awareness in the species to encourage more people to get outdoors and spot a range of insects."

First described in 2004
This species, only scientifically described and named in 2004, was spotted last Sunday on the wall of the in focus shop at Martin Mere. The in focus team put out a moth trap that omits a mercury vapour light to attract them and therefore keep detailed records of all of the species spotted at Martin Mere.

Local mothing information available from

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