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New Sea Eagle Watching Hide Opens on Mull

30/04/2008 10:04:35

Mull is the only location in Britain where the white tailed sea eagles can be viewed from an organised hide, which is manned by knowledgeable wildlife rangers. The state-of-the-art bird hide recently purchased by Forestry Commission Scotland has been specifically designed for viewing sea eagles.

A pair of sea eagles have been nesting on the shores of Loch Frisa since 1998. Mull Eagle Watch is dedicated to continuing the successful breeding through nest protection and public viewing of sea eagles on the Isle of Mull. The project has been a great tourism boost, with numbers increasing from 1,210 in 2000 to 5,500 in 2006.

Mull Sea Eagle HideMoveable Hide

The hide, which overlooks Loch Frisa, sits on wheels, making it easier to move it into position each year depending on where the sea eagles nest. It also boasts a glass front for viewing, and has canvass interpretation panels and two TV screens featuring live footage of the birds which is beamed into the hide from CCTV cameras placed close to the nest.

Elaine Jamieson, for Forestry Commission Scotland said: "These are magnificent birds all the more impressive for being seen in the beautiful Mull landscape. We are all extremely proud of this partnership and the hope to see lots of visitors enjoying the experience this year."


The hide is central to a dynamic partnership including Forestry Commission Scotland, RSPB Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Mull and Iona Community Trust, Strathclyde Police and volunteers. The partnership aims to protect the birds, while providing a unique experience to see them and increase social and economic benefit.

How to Visit
Trips to the hide are taking place until 25 July. Booking is essential. Tickets cost £2 for a child, £4 for adults and £10 for a family. For further information or to book, contact 01688 302038.

More information

To find more information, and details of how to visit, click here.

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