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Rhino killed in Namibia sparks poaching fears

31/12/2012 15:02:40 Rare rhino killing in Namibia
December 2012. So common has the killing of rhinos in South Africa become, that it barely rates a mention nowadays, with more than 600 killed for their horns in 2012 alone. However, the recent discovery of a dead female black rhino in Namibia has sparked fears that the terrible onslaught on rhinos might be crossing the border from South Africa.

The dead rhino was found in the remote Damaraland area of Namibia's north-western Kunene Region that borders Angola. Sadly, the female also had a young calf which could not survive without his mother.

According to press reports, one man has been already arrested and the two rhino horns were found and confiscated.

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Not always that easy

They said it was a Black Rhino. They are solitary as opposed to a White; which can be seen congregating in small to medium sized groups.
They tried de-horning the Blacks in Zimbabwe in the 80's only to figure out that they wouldn't breed afterwards as they need their horns to fight for the sake of breeding.
Death penalty? Why do we always want to go that route? What would you do if you are that one sentencing and you give the death penalty; finding out ten years down the line you sent an innocent man to his death? Don't tell me you wouldn't care; that is an innocent life. This has happened a lot! Poaching and catching is not cut and dried. Until our governments stop their own hands from entering the pot of gold to be made from trafficking it will never end.
Long prison sentences, huge fines (if they can't pay then extend their sentence accordingly) and while they are in there it should be made a requirement that they take courses about conservation and wildlife. Maybe they can come out to help instead of going back to what they do every time they serve a sentence.

Posted by: Mark Jones | 23 Mar 2013 14:46:08

Namibian pached rhino

I'm sad & concerned at the news of the poached female rhino in Namibia as well as the loss of her calf, and sincerely hope the Namibian Government come out in full force now using every manner possible to protect their rhino - South Africa waited far too many years before putting even a reasonably sufficient force behind the anti-poaching program & the results of waiting have been catastrophic! From what I've read, Namibia seems very conservation conscious & I hope they now push this awareness even more amongst their people. Many people in Africa do not know yet what a rhino is & have never seen one, not even in a picture. African Governments need to educate their people regarding their wild life, the tourism income derived therefrom, & that these animals are their children's heritage & are 'royal game' - only once the people develop a true love for their wildlife animals & understand their importance to their country will matters improve. All African leaders should publicly stand up & make statements to their people about how precious their wildlife is & that it is to be protected at all costs - they also need to make it absolutely clear to their people that it is not necessary to kill a rhino as the horn/s can be removed without harm to the rhino. Ignorance plays a huge part in the rhino poaching problem - apart from 'money' & greed. Unless African Governments/Leaders start standing up powerfully & nurturing in their people a true pride in their wildlife the day is soon approaching when Africa will have lost the greatest 2 land animals - the elephant & the rhino. My heart pains & I am so ashamed that with all the money that is generated by Governments & constant monetary/donations support of Wildlife Conservation Groups for more than 50 years that Africa's elephant & rhino still suffer this magnitude of daily horror, agony & murder which after all this time has got worse for both the elephant & the rhino than better! People wonder about the dinosaurs - one of these days the elephant & rhino will have joined the dinosaurs if this situation does not change dramatically. Personally, I think it is time for the death penalty to be imposed on those found guilty of elephant & rhino poaching (poachers, syndicates, anyone involved) - the elephants & rhinos have been suffering this death penalty for more than 50 years already!

Posted by: Lindsay Rooken-Smith Jenions | 04 Jan 2013 18:47:47

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