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Nomads of the Wind and Other Wonders of the Butterfly World - Photographic Story of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

27/03/2008 15:59:51 news/nomads-cover-1 Nomads of the Wind and Other Wonders of the Butterfly World - Photographic Story of the Monarch Butterfly Migration
The Extraordinary Lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly – With Stunning Photography by Ingo Arndt

There is a great deal that we still do not know about the Monarch Butterfly, but this book presents the extent of our knowledge in stunning fashion. Many of the secrets of the extraordinary migration that the Monarchs make are yet to be
Monarch Butterflies. © Ingo Arndt/Papadakis.
unlocked, and indeed it was only in 1975 that two scientists from the US discovered 100 million Monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico (The Monarch had been proposed as the ‘National Insect of the USA’ until that moment.).
Monarch Butterfly Crysalis. © Ingo Arndt/Papadakis.
How do they do that?
Experiments on live butterflies have shown that they use both the sun and the magnetic pole to navigate by, which is unusual in itself. But there are many questions that the experts have not yet found an answer to.

  • -Why do they bother to travel 2000 miles from their winter base to the Northern USA & Canada, and back.

  • -What is so special abut the Oyamel Fir trees that they use as their winter quarters in Mexico.

  • -Why do they choose sites 10,000 feet up in the Mexican mountains as a winter roost?

  • -How do they know where to go?

How do they know where to go?

There are many beasts that migrate, and plenty that have to make the migration from some sense passed down from their parents as each generation makes their migration just once. However, it takes four generations of Monarch butterfly to make each migration. So the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly relies on every fourth generation knowing which clump of trees to head for in Mexico? Is there any other creature in the world with such an extraordinary story?
Nomads of the Wind - Special Reader Offer £17 including P & P
  • The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly and Other Wonders of the Butterfly World, by Ingo Arndt, Claus-Peter Lieckfeld & Peter Huemer. Papadakis Publisher, London.
  • ISBN 978-1901092-92-9
  • RRP £20
  • To order your copy, email or call 01635 248833 quoting the code 'wildlife extra special offer'.
Stunning Photography
Renowned nature photographer Ingo Arndt follows the Monarchs from their summer haunts around the Great Lakes to their winter roosts in Mexico. Arndt used microlights to follow them in the air, climbed trees and got close up, very very close.

And not just Monarch Butterflies. There are also some extraordinary close up images of the Giant Peacock moth, the Madagascar Moon moth, the Southeast Asian atlas moth and the Owl butterfly, amongst many more.
Ingo Arndt
Ingo Arndt, is a highly acclaimed and world-famous German nature photographer. Reporting assignments have taken him to every continent, where he has photographed animals and their habitats in unparalleled detail. His numerous awards include the World Press Photo Award (2005) and BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His photographs of the Monarchs earned him a highly commended award at the 2007 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.
Monarch Butterfly swarm, From 'Nomads of the Wind'. ©  Ingo Arndt/Papadakis.

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