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Yet another Florida panther killed on a road

30/06/2010 09:36:36

The existence of the Florida panther is being threatened by collisions with cars.Photo copyright Mark Lotz. Florida Wildlife Commission

June 2010. Another Florida panther has been killed by a car, the 10th known panther killed by a car so far in 2010. At least 3 more panthers have died from other causes, and as there are estimated to be just 110 Florida panthers alive today these deaths are threatening the panther's tentative recovery.

Florida wildlife officials confirmed the deaths of the 16 Florida panthers in 2009 on Florida roads, which in turn eclipsed the 2008 total of 10 panthers and represented a new record high for the endangered cat.

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Save The Florida Panther

I think that in the florida panther's territory we should be more aware of the wildlife in the area, including the florida panther.

Posted by: Konner Kirkwood | 07 Jul 2010 03:47:13

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