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Ebay bans international sea horse trade in EU & USA

14/11/2012 08:59:35 Seahorse Trust lobbying pays off but still work to be done
November 2012. After an approach from The Seahorse Trust following requests from Trust members, E-bay has brought their European and US sites in line with international trade regulations and banned the sale of real seahorses. The Trust estimates that up to 500,000 seahorses were sold on E-bay throughout the EU and the USA each year; these ranged from live seahorses to dead, real seahorses in paper weights.

It is now against their regulations to sell live or dead seahorses, in any form, so this will stop sales to the aquarium, curio and medicine trades.

It will take a while to get all products of real seahorses off E-bay but Trust members can help by reporting any items they see using the report button on the site, then press the banned wildlife button.

US domestic trade continues
There is a difference between the EU and the USA wildlife regulations, where sadly, they can still trade domestically but not outside of the USA.

This is a major step forward by E-bay and we would like to thank them for their prompt action after being alerted by the trust and its members. The next step is to get the USA in line with the EU and the trust with its partners will continue to lobby for this.

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