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Wild dogs seen & photographed on the Serengeti

08/02/2010 16:36:36

Wild dogs on the Serengeti. Credit Uwe Skrzypczak

Serengeti wild dogs - Courtesy of Wildlife Direct

By Uwe Skrzypczak (photographer)

February 2010. We had been following gnu herds for more than 6 hours and we were about to stop for lunch. Our Driver-guide suddenly rushed over to us and said that a half hour previously, 7 wild dogs had been sighted just 3 kilometres away near Lake Masek.

Wild dogs have been regarded as extremely rare in the Serengeti for over 20 years, so there was a great deal of scepticism about this sighting. Bat-eared foxes have often been mistaken for Wild dogs, But Uwe left immediately to check out the report. Amazingly, within 5 minutes he had found and photographed the dogs.

Wild dogs on the Serengeti. By Uwe Skrzypczak

Uwe said "The 7 wild dogs moved first at the edge of the forest. There I shot the first photos freehand from the slow-driving car with a Canon 5.6 800 mm at 1Ds III. Afterwards at the lakeshore, and from the vehicle roof with a cushion with the same optics at an E0S 7 D. The photo of the running wild dogs was taken after sunset. The light conditions were modest to critical the whole time, but I think nevertheless, some use came out it. Afterwards I drove back quite ‘high' on luck and also completely dehydrated, because we had forgotten to take any drinks!"

Until 1990, wild dogs were quite frequent on the Serengeti, but by 1991 they had disappeared completely, probably the victims of a rabies or canine distemper outbreak. There have been several reported sightings since, and they have also been reported on the Masia Mara in the last three years, with increasing frequency.

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