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Tiger hunting in South Africa? How low can they go?

09/07/2013 14:22:45

Two tonnes of tiger bones were seized in Vietnam in 2009. Credit © Viet Nam Environmental Police.

Canned tiger hunting in South Africa

July 2013. According to the CITES database, from 2007 - 2011 South Africa exported (Or re-exported) 19 tigers ‘trophies', 7 tiger skins, 2 tiger bodies and 151 live tigers!

Quite why and how tiger trophies are exported from South Africa is anyone's guess, though there have long been rumours that hunting outfits in South Africa have been offering tiger hunts. One of the licences for a tiger trophy was actually declared as a ‘Hunt trophy' with the specimen being ‘taken from the wild'. This trophy was exported to Pakistan. Additionally, two more of the trophies were ‘taken from the wild', though not declared as hunting trophies (what other sort is there?) and the rest of the ‘trophies' having been bred in captivity and privately owned.

Aside from the trophy to Pakistan, of the rest, 3 went to Lebanon, 1 to Austria, 2 to Norway, 6 to the UAE, 1 to Qatar, 1 to Poland and 2 more to Pakistan. That sounds about right.

If this is true, there can be no such thing as a wild tiger hunt in South Africa, so the hunt must have been a canned hunt. IE, a tame or semi-tame tiger in a restricted, fenced in area.

Live tiger exports
151 live tigers were exported, which is an extraordinary number. A few may have been en-route to other countries (15 were exported to Botswana - Why the sudden need to tigers in Botswana? As far as I can tell there are no zoos in Botswana. Reeks of hunting to me.), but it is still a very worrying trend. 76 tigers went to the UAE, perhaps en route elsewhere, perhaps not, but either way, it is worrying. 20 tiger were exported to Vietnam, and 14 to Myanmar, which is sinister. Both countries have native tiger populations, and both are known hubs for trading in illegal tiger products, so there is little chance that those tigers are still alive.

Over the same period, South Africa has exported hundreds of lions, thought mostly in kit form (Trophies, skeletons, skins and bones), with hundreds going to the USA, and large quantities also going to Russia, Vietnam, Norway, Mexico, Laos(A lot of bones), Spain (I thought they were hard up, except the King?) and China.

This stinks to me. - Powell Ettinger - Editor

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Petition to Stop this.

Posted by: Irene Hugkisson | 09 Jun 2014 21:35:11

South China Tigers Were To Be Reintroduced Back Into China

South China tigers were being bred and raised in South Africa, then to be reintroduced back into the wild in China. It was selected that they would be released in Jiangxi and Hunan in 2005. No more information has come about this program.

Posted by: Tim Upham | 15 Jul 2013 04:22:02

Tiger hunting in South Africa? How low can they go?

Unfortunately captive bred tiger numbers in South Africa appears to be on the increase. As tigers are not indigenous to Africa I can only assume that they are being bred for canned hunting due to the huge amount of money that some wretched people will pay to kill a half drugged animal. In my opinion unless the South African government take steps to stop this horrible trade it will continue unabated and probably increase due as I said earlier to the large sums of money involved. Truly a sickening state of affairs.

Posted by: Michael Vickers | 14 Jul 2013 13:03:40

Disgusting news

When there are so few tigers left in the wild it is obscene that some should be captured and used in this way.

Any tigers reared in zoos should be part of a very strict and closely monitored breeding scheme, with the objective of reinforcing the wild population.

I think those who perpetrate canned hunts should be the object of the hunt - see how they like it!

Posted by: Andrea Polden | 13 Jul 2013 17:00:10

you dont have to look very far from here

I live in Mafikeng, a few years ago I heard people boasting about tigers and white lions and how much 'hunting' them was worth.

As far as I know its still going on. The Parks Boards must know about it.

Doubt if anything is being done as this family are very wealthy.

very sad.

Posted by: Carol Spark | 13 Jul 2013 15:03:53

No surprise here

Because tigers are exotics in SA the lion farmers do not even need permits to keep them. About 8000 lions in captivity breeding living targets for mentally ill brutes to kill for fun. Don't know the exact figure for tigers but they are common on lion farms.

Posted by: Chris Mercer | 12 Jul 2013 17:46:33


Sick people making our mother earth sick as well...
The day we will understand that thought without language exists in animals, we will die of shame to have them locked up in zoos and have them humiliated by our laughter, and slaughtered by hunting.

Posted by: Adeline | 12 Jul 2013 14:26:44

That is not hunting

For me it is hard to understand, why you want to shoot a big cat at all, but if you shoot one from a sustainable population in a hunting reserve, you protect the habitat of the lions by paying a lot of money.

...besides conservation, it would be a free living lion and therefore a real hunt.

If you shoot a cat, which has been bred in captivity and than released for a bit, you just shoot a pet.

Posted by: Westlöwe | 09 Jul 2013 17:35:14

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