Donald Trump's boys have returned from a hunting safari in Zimbabwe. The Trump boys' photos have appeared on a website posing next to some of the animals that they have shot. The photos make my stomach turn, but one outrages me in particular.">
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Proud of killing an elephant for fun? Donald Trump Junior appears to be

08/03/2012 17:07:09

Taken from a Youtube video. An image of Donald Trump Junior posing with an elephant tail.

Donald Trump Junior and Eric Trump on hunting Safari

March 2011. Donald Trump's boys have returned from a hunting safari in Zimbabwe. The Trump boys photos have appeared on the Hunting Legends website posing next to some of the animals that they have shot. The photos make my stomach turn, but one outrages me in particular.

One photo (On the right - Click here to see the Youtube video) shows Donald Trump Junior holding the tail of an elephant and a large knife. He is standing next to the carcass of an elephant that has a rifle leaning against it. We don't know whether he shot the elephant or not, or whether he cut the tail off himself, but that is clearly the impression the photo is meant to give.

Now whilst it is bad enough shooting an elephant for pleasure, posing with the tail of such a magnificent beast that you have just cut off with a large knife is a gross and unpardonable action. It may not be illegal, but it shows a total disregard for any wildlife, and unbelievably poor judgement from someone who is meant to be a business leader.

Donald Trump campaigns against wind farms
Despite Donald Trump's recent pronouncements on the world going bust and putting his plans to develop his golf resort on hold, he claims to have found £10million to fund anti-wind power campaigns to save Scotland from being 'encircled' by offshore wind turbines. Trump is hell-bent on destroying an industry is already attracting £billions of investment and creating skilled and well paid jobs across Scotland. And all because he claims they might spoil his view.'

Image from Hunting Legends website 

The Trump boys, Donald Junior and Eric, post with a crocodile that has recently been shot. 


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"Trump" , English slang word meaning to Fart .

Most decent folk go to see and photograph wildlife but some strange people find pleasure from killing the same wildlife.
There is something seriously wrong with these people that kill animals and can smile about it .

Posted by: Alan Miller | 05 Sep 2012 22:49:41

Jeremy Holmes

The murder of exotic wildlife by sport hunters serves no purpose but to satiate the hunter's bloodlust.
TWITTER @godaddyboycott

Posted by: Jeremy holmes | 12 Aug 2012 00:22:21

Intelligent elephant

Elephants have spindle cells in their brains meaning that they are some of the most intelligent animals in the world. It also means that they feel emotions just as we do. This makes this story even more harrowing as the herd from which these elephants came from will be feeling the loss just as much as we would with a family member. Also many visit the final resting place of family members and are visibly moved by their memories. They may not be able to do so here. It seems likely that the elephants killed had deeper and more complex emotions than their killers. They are also still endangered.

Posted by: George | 02 Jul 2012 19:11:36

Wind Turbine Facts

Yes, I agree that these boy's made an awful and disgraceful mistake, but I would like to bring some TRUE FACTS to light about Wind Turbines. In a sense Mr. Trump Sn. is RIGHT. Now I know this is bound to attract some real funny comments but please be good enough to read on first. Just how Pollution free are these Turbines? When they are up and running = Possibly. But has anyone brought the following information forward about them + First each part has to be made at different locations = Pollution! Then each part has to be transported to a central location = Pollution. Next a road has to be built to the location they are to be placed = Damage to environment and Pollution. Then the parts have to be assembled on site = Pollution. Then the Turbines have to be lifted and set up = Pollution. These Turbines have to be maintained = Pollution. Now taking into account that each Turbine is usually st up individually = Thousands of TONS of Pollution. Finally each Turbine ONLY produces FIVE (5) per cent of Electricity. To produce enough to supply the whole of the UK one would have to cover nearly every spare space of British countryside to do so. Now, do you all want that to happen? Imagine = No FREE space! No Wilderness! No places to see our iconic Wildlife! JUST TURBINES< TURBINES< TURBINES AND TURBINES! Are you all CRAZY?????????? Look around you, what is this Island surrounded by? One Wave Turbine produces the same as 10 Wind Turbines and they can be placed in locations where they do not spoil our countryside. Even Saudi Arabia has built one and it works fantastically. It just looks like a sea side building. Which do you think and believe would your children rather see? I seriously do not believe that they would like to see the UK covered in Giant Wind Turbines, do you? Therefore taking into account these facts (that the Governments and the companies that produce these monstrosities have kept to themselves and away from you, the general public), which would you, your children and their children prefer to see both now and in the future??????? I wonder if anyone will actually agree with me, or for that matter if anyone will stand with me and face the TRUE Facts.

Posted by: Jain Barrington-Wright | 09 Jun 2012 01:42:30

Rifle CLub can you kill somethin just for fun...innocent animals dying to satisfy the mad adventures of stup*d immature boyz...environmental terrorists.

Posted by: Shaka | 16 Apr 2012 10:05:07

Ex-Trump Fan

I was a huge fan of the Donald up until I read this. Yes, I realise that it was his son/sons and not actually him. But they are old enough to know a childs actions reflects upon their parents. I certainly hope they are now looking online to read the backlash for their actions and read this.

Yes, you may be wealthy and think you can do anything you want to, but killing innocent animals that are minding their own business is the definition of insanity. I would have had more respect for the Trumps reading that they lost their minds and rolled around in their own feces.

I truly hope that something absolutely terrible happens to you for cutting an elephants tail of and showboating it. I hope that all of Donalds sons get cancer and die painfully for this and then go to hell afterwards. I will NEVER give another dollar to any Trump business EVER again. You are a sick family.

Posted by: Sean | 23 Mar 2012 19:15:33

Of course the hunting was for recreational purposes....

In response to Donhurst: its not a case of fact versus rumour here: of COURSE the hunting in this case was done for nothing other than recreational reasons - as these hunters have stated themselves. As I posted in response to the other article, these people appear to lack conscience or any kind of empathy; they have no qualms about what they did, and they will do it again at the drop of a hat. Its sickening.

Posted by: Derek Schuurman | 21 Mar 2012 21:30:03

Hunting II

I respectfully disagree that it has only been recently that people hunt for pleasure. The fact that it was a necessity I believe was only one part of the hunt. I've seen hunters personally on every continent who hunt for necessity but also celebrate the hunt and take pride in their work and yes, find joy in it. If I had to guess I would say the Trumps did it for recreation/enjoyment first but I'm only guessing. There seems to be an assumption that they are irresponsible by many based on a possible prejudice against their wealth. I'm not defending them, but there is a big difference between facts and opinions and there should be room for both in an honest debate.

Posted by: donhurst | 21 Mar 2012 19:03:40


I am very happy to have a debate over the facts, in fact that is exactly what we are trying to promote - A solid debate. However it is a fact that this was done for fun. A large amount of money changed hands so DT jnr could participate in the hunt - He wasn't doing it for need, for safety or anything other than his own pleasure.
People have hunted for thousands of years, but only recently has it become a fun past time rather than a way of survival.
Powell Ettinger - Editor

Posted by: Powell Ettinger | 21 Mar 2012 12:26:32


Killing and elephant for fun? What a bias headline!! It's one thing to have an honest debate over the morality of hunting but the thrill of the hunt is one aspect to almost every hunt. Including one's practiced on every continent since the beginning of time.
Honesty about the status of elephant as not endangered in many places, and legally hunted is another fact in a true debate. It only weakens one's side when not debated on facts and only some gut reaction.

Posted by: donhurst | 19 Mar 2012 20:30:59

Evil Spawn of "the Donald"

Filthy rich, morally bankrupt......Chillingly ruthless sickos......Such utterly depraved cowardly people. So much less evolved than the beautiful species they wantonly destroyed. I am absolutely sickened and heartsick over this, as all of us humane, decent, caring people are. Hope they reap what they sow, sooner than later.....

Posted by: Laurie Bynum | 17 Mar 2012 05:55:54

Trumps, take note.

The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated. Ghandi

The fate of animals is in our hands, God grant us that we are equal to that task.

Posted by: Diane Gura | 16 Mar 2012 16:32:19


Would love to slap those smirks off their BIG WHITE HUNTER faces. So they gave the meat to the villagers, how very thoughtful. Puts a better spin on their adventure. Do they think of themselves as humanatarians? If they were concerned about the starving villagers, why not give them the thousands of dollars that it cost them to get permission to slaughter these endangered species, or find a way to curb the elephants from damaging the villagers crops. What if one of their children tortured say a defenseless kitten or puppy, what would they tell them? Perhaps just show them the photo of Daddy holding a severed tail of Dumbo and tell them that when they grow up they could use their trust fund money to go on safari and IF there are any endangered animals left, they too could collect some disgusting trophies. Was that a female elephant? Are there any orphans left on their own? If it was a male, at least he didn't sever a different appendage.

Posted by: Diane Gura | 16 Mar 2012 16:08:51

Digusting ----

No wonder the boys are like they are with the father they have - no thought for anything other than pleasuring themselves. Have they idea of the terror and heartache those animals had when by chased and slaughtered by them - I wish that it be returned ten fold to them. I have never been able to understand the disregard people have for such beautiful animals - God made them just like he made us.

Posted by: Dayle Robinson | 16 Mar 2012 06:31:44

He has no heart

The first time i read this my blood boiled. Doesnt he know that elephants are endangered. Both of them are two psy holes.I hope on the day of judgement God sends him to Hell. He claimed he fed them to poor people! He couldve killed two f*cng cows or sheep. He is holding the tail of the poor elephant and acting like hes some f*c*ing hero.

Posted by: khayyam | 14 Mar 2012 20:44:47

Bedtime stories

Is holding a butchered tail of his trophy kill elephant Donald Jr's new storytime his children who will one day see this photo of his father. Donald Sr. has failed to provide his children with the necessities to live a life which includes traits such as confidence,
a gentlemen's approach toward toward people or animals.

They are angry, resentful, desperate men. Donald and Donald
Jr. and Eric you are all FIRED! Go away....

Alice Carroll

Posted by: alicemcarroll | 13 Mar 2012 21:14:05

Morality - lack thereof

All that money does not create morals. Sad, sickening and just plain wrong! I hope karma gets them in the end.

Posted by: Peggy Sue Seehafer | 13 Mar 2012 19:05:41

Thats Not Hunting!!!

Thats not hunting, those animals were unaware they were in the sights of that fools gun!!! put the gun down and try and do that even terms, How would you feel that elephant shot your dad while you were at the dinner table!!!

Posted by: Sidney Armstrong | 12 Mar 2012 16:14:07

I Challenge you!

When so many people take the time and effort to make sure these animals survive! Why do you think you have the right to destroy them? Did you track as they did in the past? No? You have everything at your disposal, every means of catching the last moment of survival, but you choose to shoot, (a gun that is), rather than go up against the best and shoot, (a photo) Are you willing to challenge yourself and become the man of the future.? It is really nice going with the flow but we all need to make a difference! I hope to see you as a world renowned photographer one day. Are you up for the challenge?

Posted by: | 12 Mar 2012 00:25:45

not content to kill scotlands wildlife for mass profit, he and his dreadful family strut about playing the heroes with slaughtered wildlife in another country. shame on scotland for allowing him to destroy beautiful countryside. how much was it worth mr salmond?

Posted by: dee donworth | 10 Mar 2012 16:51:30

Just plain sick

Oh this article and images disgust me, Trump seems like a guy with far too much money and too little brains or compassion for the animals on this planet. Use a camera NOT a gun Donnie JR, instead of paying big $$ to kill animals you won't eat and probably aren't even taken using fairchase PUT your money to good use and SAVE them.

Posted by: | 11 Mar 2012 00:09:19

I hate people who kill animals for fun....
How could they find entertainment from taking the lives of animals?
I just can't understand that.

I wonder why some people are so cruel, I wonder why in some parts, hunting is legal, especially hunting endangered animals.

They all a bunch of murderers!

Posted by: Jelaine Gan | 10 Mar 2012 13:16:33

Dumb trump

This turns my stomach too. More money than sense, these people will be the first to complain when these species they are constantly killing end up extinct why don't they spend their money more wisely on helping starving people etc
May be if people stopped buying their products or using their bussiness's they would think twice.( I doubt it very much though)

Posted by: Stacy Williams | 10 Mar 2012 12:46:32

An ever unfolding tragedy

The real tragedy here is that these wealthy people who indulge in this "potted" hunting...if they clubbed together could do more for wildlife conservation and habitat preservation than all the conservation groups put together. Thousands of acres could be purchased and protected ensuring many species protection for the next generation.

By posing next to an animal, the killing of which required no hunting skills whatsoever and certainly no danger, they show themselves up to be the rather dense, playboy types who know no better and care even less. Unfortunately, to their sycophantic friends and followers, this looks cool and sophisticated and will further act as a boost to their shallow egos and shortsighted view of the way mankind exploits the Earth's natural resources.

I cannot even begin to understand what is going on inside their heads when they make a decision to publicize this "safari". Donald Trump has always courted the image of wealthy bufoon, Genes will out!

Posted by: Nic Slocum | 10 Mar 2012 11:55:32

Donald 'Dumb animal' Trump Jnr

Yes, its official, the Trump boys are just plain dumb animals!

That poor elephant probably had more compassion and intelligence than the Trumps and no doubt a family who will mourn for it.

Utter d*cks the pair of them!

Posted by: coralstar13 | 10 Mar 2012 10:22:54

Shocking slaughter.

I don`t think they care about anything except themselves. Did these cold hearted people not hear about the elephant massacres all over Africa? They are worse than poachers.

Posted by: Maureen McGill | 09 Mar 2012 22:11:29

The Sick Activities of the Trump Family

How on earth such a high-profile family as the Trumps can promote themselves alongside the image of hunting is beyond my comprehension! We have opposed Donald Trump's plan for a golf course in Scotland, on the most beautiful, pristine, coastal dune area in the whole of the UK! He keeps on trying to dominate with his commercial interests, and now his family (no idea what their motives are) just participate in the most horrendously cruel pastimes and photographically brag about it! They are obviously totally ignorant to the vulnerability and fragility of many of our wildlife species. They should be ASHAMED!

Posted by: Marie Gilman | 09 Mar 2012 18:45:35

Trump sickens me as well

Having heard the pronouncements of Mr Trump senior about how he claims to be benefitting the environment of the dune system in Aberdeenshire by stabilising it, his son's safari adventure doesn't suRprise me. This is a family who selectively decide what is an environmental benefit and will ruthlessly push anyone aside who dares dispute their view. Unfortunately the First Minister in Scotland has been taken in by this hype but now must be regretting his decision to allow Mr Trump's so called development to go ahead.

Posted by: patrick marks | 09 Mar 2012 18:19:48

Donald Trump

The Trumps Sicken me to the core Killng Wildlife for Sport They should stick to golf But not in Scotland Only in thier country

Posted by: Dennis Hurst | 09 Mar 2012 17:57:57

Trump on Safari

Shooting as in killing as in murder of our precious, endangered wildlife. Trump Jr. this is not impressing at all.
He has contributed to more slaughter of a species on the verge of going extinct.

Posted by: Deborah Kingston | 07 Mar 2012 01:50:11

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