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Remarkable Osprey, 'Lady', returns to Scotland for 23rd year - Ospreys update

05/04/2013 10:31:33

(03)97 back in Rutland in the snow - Is he regretting his early arrival? Photo courtesy of Rutland Osprey Project

Ospreys spotted at Rutland and Glaslyn
April 2013. A sure sign of spring (ignoring the weather) is when ospreys return to the UK after their winter break in the warmer climes of West Africa. The first ospreys have foolishly returned a few days earlier than last year, to be greeted by rain, fog and even snow.

Lady returns again
The remarkable female osprey, known by many as 'Lady', that is believed to be 27 years old, has returned to the reserve near Dunkeld for 23rd year in a row. 

There are now at least 2 pairs resident at Rutland, in Manton Bay and at site B, and there have been sightings of several other birds too. Rutland's most successful breeding osprey, ever, (03)97, was the first back on Sunday 18th March, ensuring that he had no competition for his usual nest site. He was followed shortly afterwards by (00)09, his daughter, who fledged in 2009 (The clue is in the name). 

To get the latest updates, go to the Rutland osprey website

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Lady, as she has become known, is a
remarkable 25-year-old bird (Ospreys live
on average just 8 years), that has raised
48 chicks so far, at Scottish Wildlife Trust's
Loch of the Lowes wildlife reserve. -
This is her story. 
More details 

Kielder ospreys 

Two birds have been spotted so far, one from each of last year's pairs, but there partners have not yet been seen - Perhaps they will couple up? Several of the birds seen in Kielder over the last year or so have been identified as birds fledged in Glaslyn.

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It might have been the coldest Easter for decades but the weather did not deter the site from experiencing few excitements. The Glaslyn pair has been busy with the nest and many other sightings of ospreys in the vicinity. At one point, five ospreys were seen around the nest - what an amazing scene! Few have been spotted fishing in the Porthmadog area during the past few days.

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Dyfi Osprey Project - Montgomeryshire
Unfortunately, no ospreys have returned here yet, it isn't too late though. 

Lake District Ospreys
Ospreys have been glimpsed several times, but none have taken up residence yet.

Loch of the Lowes
The female osprey returned on Saturday March 30th and was confirmed as the famous female using close ups of plumage and eye markings on Easter Day. Over the last couple of days she has settled into the nest, along with the male who has been at Loch of the Lowes for a week already. This is the same male who was new last year; he and ‘Lady' successfully bred then, so we hope the same will happen this year. 
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Loch Garten

EJ, the female osprey, delighted staff by winging her way back to the popular nature reserve. This year she was confronted with a spectacular wintry landscape, a frozen Loch Garten and temperatures of -7 degrees. Ready to spend her 11th year in the Cairngorms, she touched down just after 6:00pm on Wednesday 27th March 2013. As yet her partner has not been seen
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Rutland Water Ospreys

This is the story about the project, a joint effort between Anglian Water and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, how it was hatched, who was involved, the setbacks and the huge successes.

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