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Unusual wildlife sightings

05/12/2007 00:00:00

What is this unusual sighting in Iran?

There are many absolutely fantastic photographs of leaping dolphins, hunting lions and flocks of flamingos, but this section is dedicated to those photographs that show something just a little bit different. These photos have much less to do with the technical quality of the photo than the quirkiness of the subject. Whether it is a nocturnal animal prowling around at midday, a vegetarian eating a steak or a species not usually recorded in that country, or habitat, we want to see something different.  

If you have any unusual images you would like us to post, please send them to editor @ 

unusual wildlife sightings

leucistic and albino animals

Wildlife Extra has built up an extensive gallery of animals with unusual colourings, or lack of it. White whales and giraffes, orange badgers and dozens of birds with patchy colouring.

Click here to see our gallery of albino and leucistic animals and birds.

Pallas' cat in the Altai 

Rare photo of a Pallas' cat taken on a Biosphere Expeditions trip.

Click Rare sighting of a Pallas' cat in The Altai Republic 



all too urban fox

A fox reading a copy of BBC Wildlife, in a house in suburban Wimbledon

Fox reading BBC wildlife in front room in Wimbledon! © 2006 Wildlife Extra

daytime aardvark

It is very rare to see an aardvark in the wild in broad daylight. Trying searching Google images for an aardvark and you will see lots of drawings, models, aardvarks in captivity and shots taken with a flash, but barely anything that resembles an aardvark in the wild in daylight.

Aardvark in daylight, Masai Mara, Kenya.


9 banded armadillo


A nine banded armadillo taken on a small instamtic style camera in the jungle near Iguazu falls, Argentina.

Aardwolf on the Nairobi National game park

This Aardwolf was spotted in daylight near the new tented camp in the Nairobi National Park.


Aardwolf are normally nocturnal, is a small, insectivorous hyena, native to Eastern and Southern Africa. Unusually in hyenas, Aardwolf diet consists of almost exclusively termites, other insect larvae and carrion. 

And finally...............

  • The RSPB Scotland has issued advice to the public to leave chicks alone if they come across them, after a series of bizarre calls this spring. The calls included:
  • A pair of Mistle thrushes who raised chicks succesfully after nesting in a traffic light in Central Glasgow.
  • A woman who found a bird’s nest in a tumble dryer. The bird had accessed the dryer from a pipe leading outside! 

Past winners.

  • A woman who found a goosander (a species of duck) in her living room. It had fallen in after apparently nesting in her chimney!
  • A man who found a young tawny owl on the pavement and took it home in a basket because it was raining
  • A woman who took a nest of birds inside because she was worried that the chicks were getting cold.
  • A one concerned individual who was worried about a young bird in a tree in the garden because ‘it looked like it was about to jump


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