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WWF President number 2 – Let's kill more wolves because we want to kill the elk

24/04/2012 13:31:25

The King during the elk hunt. Photo: ATL

WWF beginning to look careless - 1 president/king hunter could be a mistake - 2 looks very careless - How many more are there?
April 2012. Following on from the recent revelations about King Juan Carlos, WWF president in Spain, hunting elephants in Botswana, it appears that he has someone to swap notes with at royal WWF presidents get togethers. WWF has many presidents, but some of their choices are beginning to look questionable. Although, as an organisation they do not oppose all hunting, or even trophy hunting, (UK WWF president Prince Charles and ex-President Prince Phillip are known for their love of shooting), WWF Sweden do strongly oppose hunting wolves in Sweden. However their president, King Gustaf, wants to "cull the wolf population".

Wolves kill elk - But King Gustaf wants to kill the elk so he wants to get rid of wolves
And why does he want to do that? Because every year the good king runs an elk hunt in Sweden, along with his son Prince Carl Philip. Despite the fact that some 100,000 elk are shot every autumn in Sweden out of an estimated population of 3-400,000, King Gustaf believes that the presence of 200 wolves might spoil his annual hunt, so has been advocating the culling of as many wolves as possible. Yet to hunt the elk, he himself uses hunting dogs.

Hunting with dogs
According to the Swedish Royal Court, in 2011, "On Wednesday 2 November, The King and Prince Carl Philip took part in the traditional royal elk hunt in Halleberg and Hunneberg.

The hunt was a so-called free-ranging dog hunt, and two elks were caught during the day. Three hunting teams took part, with three huntsmen, a hunt leader and two dog handlers in each team
. "

WWF Sweden statement

The Wolf Hunt in Sweden

The Swedish Government approved 27 wolves to be culled in a license hunt in early 2010. In total 28 were killed. A new license hunt has now been approved with a start 15 January 2011, this time 20 wolves are allowed to be shot. WWF Sweden has protested strongly against the decimation hunt as it is not in accordance with the EU legal regulations (Habitat and Species Directive) and the Swedish subpopulation is highly vulnerable due to inbreeding.
Prince Carl Philip
Interestingly, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) are currently touting their World Conservation Congress, to be held in Korea in September. Amongst the many ‘VIPs' they list as attending the conference, is Prince Carl Philip. The IUCN prince was recently appointed an IUCN ‘Patron of Nature'.

According to IUCN "During his welcoming ceremony at IUCN's Swiss headquarters, the Prince said that he is delighted to be working with IUCN and looks forward to doing "great things" for nature. Patrons of Nature play a key role in advising IUCN's top management on a wide range of strategic issues related to IUCN's work, as well as help us raise our visibility and reach out to decision makers."

It is working then - It has provided them with some coverage on Wildlife Extra.

Snapshot of WWF Sweden website - Stating that king Gustav is president, whilst (on the right) 'protesting strongly' about the wolf hunt - That King Gustaf wanted to expand

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't mix and one will have to go. Conservation is easily the most important issue facing the human race and hunting is a sport for control freaks that need to get out more. WWF will be licking its wounds, and rightly so. I am glad this scandal has surfaced. Good work guys.

Posted by: George | 02 Jul 2012 18:59:13


How dare WWF allow any kind of hunting to take place on its reserves? This is simply outrageous. It is time as a species that we got down off our high horse and realised that we cannot stroll around our world killing everything. I agree with these other people that hunting and conservation don

Posted by: George | 02 Jul 2012 18:57:21

Hunting should be outlawed

I agree with most of comments here,that if WWF are suppose to be a conservation group how can they be such hypocrite's and allow there President access to kill anything he wants with hunting dogs just because he is a patron.That is giving him any access he wants to do as he wants,so protect animals he wants to kill in cold blood and shoot and murder predaters he wrongly thinks is going to kill what he wants to kill.I think its bloody madness,he shouldnt be a President of an animal conservation group and they are destroying there reputation if they ever had any by having 2 values,you are either for conservation or you support hunting,make up your mind..

Posted by: Marguerite White | 29 Apr 2012 09:08:49

WWF Statement

As a network, WWF highly values the support and backing of its honorary patrons and presidents around the world. In light of the recent controversy in Spain, WWF will of course ensure that all persons in honorary positions fully understand our policies and that their activities are not detrimental to our reputation and work.

Our number one priority at WWF is preventing threatened species going extinct in the wild. We therefore explicitly oppose any activity that threatens the survival of any species. However, in some places and instances, and only when the science, conservation and local government is behind it, properly regulated hunting can make a positive difference to species conservation.
WWF Press Office

Posted by: Powell Ettinger | 27 Apr 2012 14:09:24

It's just too tempting...

You know, it is really just too tempting - given the headline to this piece - to get into the Sans Culottes frame of mind, and say - "No, let's kill more royalty instead."

A few less nobbs and royal schmoozers and we might just have a lot more wildlife living in game parks and what's left of the countryside.

Posted by: Dominic Belfield | 27 Apr 2012 13:23:22

pregnant female wolf killed and two other adults

3 wolves have just been shot in the north of the province of Dalarna in Sweden-one was pregnant with 5 pups inside her! They were shot as they were near the area where the Samis keep their reindeer even though the wolves had not attempted to kill any of the reindeer.

Posted by: David | 27 Apr 2012 13:01:11

Wolf slaughter

The wolf population in Sweden is in an extremely vulnerable position as it is. How can the Swedish government sanction the slaughter of a number of these creatures? They should be working with conservation groups to ensure the healthy expansion of their wolf population and encouraging green tourist initiatives such as wolf-watching, not wolf & elk hunting.
Also, why does the WWF appoint Presidents that regularly hunt wildlife and call for the culling of vulnerable species? Surely it is totally against the ethos of the WWF? Shame on you, WWF.

Posted by: Kim | 27 Apr 2012 12:20:17

Questionable WWF Presidents

I find it difficult to understand and support a wildlife conservation organisation such as the WWF that freely appears to appoint Presidents that enjoy and participate in hunting of wild animals. Surely there is a complete conflict of interest between conservation and killing wild animals.

Posted by: Michael Vickers | 27 Apr 2012 12:05:26

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