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ZEALANDIA: The Karori Sanctuary Experience

The first recorded tuatara to hatch in the wild on mainland New Zealand in at least 200 years. Photo by Tom Lynch, Karori Sanctuary Trust.

The first recorded tuatara to hatch in the wild on mainland New Zealand in at least 200 years. Photo by Tom Lynch, Karori Sanctuary Trust.

ZEALANDIA: The Karori Sanctuary Experience covers 225 hectares protected by a 8.6 km long predator-proof fence, that keeps out non-native mammals such as possums. Mostly covered by regenerating lowland forest and wetlands, Karori also has a beutiful lake. There are 34 kms of walking tracks, but a guided tour is recommended for first time visitors.

When Karori Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1995, it was a major conservation breakthrough. A unique mammal-proof fence provided the first viable option in over 100 years to reintroduce some of our most threatened species back to a wild state on the mainland. It has a 500-year vision to restore its 225ha site as closely as possible to its pre-human state.






 First mammal proof fence

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary was famous as the site of a major breakthrough in conservation technology: the first large-scale mammal-proofed area on the mainland.

Downtown Wellington
The unique combination of its international reputation for cutting edge conservation science, and its extraordinary positioning just 2km from central Wellington, have made the Sanctuary a natural mecca for anyone interested in New Zealand's flora and fauna. Tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the Sanctuary's identity, and its ability to become financially self-sufficient.

Highlights: Many rare native species thrive here, including tuatara, little spotted kiwi, saddleback, hihi and giant weta.

Location: 2 kms from downtown Wellington on Waiapu Road, just South West of the Botanical Gardens.

Access & facilities: Karori 10 - 5 every days except Christmas. Nightime guided tours are also available. A new visitor centre is due to open in 2009/10, and in the meantime there is a shop and toilets. Some of the tracks are suitable for wheelchairs, though it is recommended that wheelchair users have a friend along.

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