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Colin Woolf - Wildlife artist


Growing up in the Hampshire and Dorset countryside, and roaming freely around the New Forest, Colin Woolf developed a love of wildlife and the outdoors which has remained with him all his life. Born with a strong artistic talent, he instinctively drew and painted most of his natural history finds, but throughout his childhood the idea of becoming a professional artist was very far from his mind.

Otter © Colin Woolf

After leaving school, Colin's fascination for biology and anatomy attracted him to the field of scientific research. He graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in animal physiology, and then embarked on a career with the Medical Research Council in London. Finding the narrowness of the research too restrictive, Colin left after a couple of years to work for an etching company in Hampshire, while producing book illustrations for publishers such as Reader's Digest and Dorling Kindersley in his spare time.  

Moving with his wife, Jo, to Shropshire, Colin entered the world of graphic design, learning valuable lessons about advertising, good design principles and corporate image. He also experimented with watercolour, a medium which he had always wanted to master. Colin's first watercolour paintings were quickly bought by friends and colleagues, and this precipitated his 'leap of faith' into self-employment as a professional wildlife artist.

The art of Colin Woolf. Read more.

In 1988 Colin set up his studio in Snowdonia, North Wales, and since then he has established a reputation as one of Britain's leading wildlife artists. He exhibits widely throughout the UK, and his work is admired and collected by wildlife and nature lovers the world over.

Working in pure watercolour, Colin has almost re-defined the use of this medium, mastering its full potential and stretching pre-conceived boundaries to create works that are both lifelike and breathtakingly beautiful. Together, Colin and Jo have developed Colin's wildlife art into a small business which offers originals, limited edition prints and greetings cards for sale at exhibitions and by mail order. They have two teenage daughters who are pursuing their own artistic careers.