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Wildlife in the garden, photo competition.

Wildlife in the garden, photo competition.

You don't have to go far to see wildlife, we all see it at home, both in the garden and in the house. This is a few shots of things that have been seen 'at home. The most unusual photo received before the end of October 2006 will win a copy of 'Dotted plains, Spotted game', a photographic record of the Masai Mara.





'Erythristic' badger

Steve Williams moved to the top of the pile with this photo of an 'erythristic' badger in his garden. Erythristic badgers are very unusual, due to a rare gene, and have light reddish/orange or even ginger colouration.

Sparrowhawk in the garden

Amateur photographer Paul Cross spotted this Sparrowhawk in his garden.

Grass snake in the garage roof.

Jean, from Surrey, spotted this grass snake in her garage roof.

Badger in the garden

Val got a shot of this badger in her garden.