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Britain's Butterflies


2nd edition - By David Newland, Robert Still, Andy Swash and David Tomlinson.

Buying this book supports Butterfly Conservation 

The latest in a flurry of new butterfly books, this 2nd edition rates very well. Photos of all 59 species that are known to currently breed in Britain & Ireland, as well as 4 that used to, 9 migrants and 1 other species. Each species has photos of males and females, and often juveniles and other variations too; A calendar and a map (we like maps) to show when and where they fly; 5-6 sections on different aspects (Habitat, status, adult ID, behaviour, population and conservation). There are also sections covering ID of eggs, chrysalis and caterpillars.

There is plenty of general info about habitats, lifecycles, butterfly biology, as well as the answer to the perennial question, what is the difference between butterflies and moths? (Mostly antennae and how they sleep - apart from the exceptions.

RRP £17.95, but usually available for less on Amazon.  

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