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Giant Silkmoths


Giant Silkmoths Colour, Mimicry & Camouflage A stunning new book by Philip Howse and Kirby Wolfe.

This book just has to be at the forefront of bringing the wonder of the natural world right into the reader's home. Pink moths that mimic orchids in the jungle, moths that are patterned to look like snakes or with scary eye patterns leap from almost every page. The photographs are stunning and of superb quality. The illustrations in this book are destined to make a significant impression on the reader. The Giant Silkmoths and their caterpillars will to many people be unsurpassed in nature for sheer beauty and evolutionary design. Indeed many hours can be spent simply poring over the pictures to become absorbed in the magic of moths.

However it would be a shame not to find the time to read the text because the explanations of the strategies of colour, mimicry and camouflage encompass many strands of nature, history and mythology and are truly fascinating.

This book is recommended reading for anyone with an interest in nature. But I would especially like it to be opened by those who have the perception that moths are ugly, brown and eat clothes! Be prepared to be enchanted by these giant moths and their caterpillars.

Written by Lynn Fomison

Reading page page 72 is a must! It gives a whole new meaning to the National Trust's butterfly expert, Matthew Oates, saying " Never under estimate a caterpillar."

RRP £25 - ISBN9 781906 506254

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