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Pan parks

What is PAN Parks?
Europe contains some fantastic wilderness areas; mountain ranges, forests, swamps and even desert, that contain surprisingly exotic wildlife such as bears, wolves, lynx, bison, moose and wolverine.

Yet surprisingly few people know about these fantastic places. PAN Parks aims to bring these wilderness zones to our notice, while helping protect and preserve their legacy.

WWF, in partnership with the Dutch leisure company Molecaten, has founded PAN (Protected Area Network) Parks. This initiative brings all stakeholders of Europe’s wilderness areas together. It employs a comprehensive approach to meet the complex ecological and social needs of Europe's protected areas.

The PAN Parks logo represents a reliable and respected trademark for conservation management and sustainable development. It is a trademark for outstanding nature and high quality tourism facilities, well balanced with the needs of wilderness protection and community development.

Their mission
PAN Parks Foundation co-operates with protected area managements and sustainable tourism businesses in order to make it possible for people to support, preserve, enjoy Europe’s wilderness!

Click here to go to the PAN Parks website.

 PAN Parks

 Majella National Park - Photo copyright Bruno D'Amicis/brunodamicis.com