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Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is the only charity dedicated to conserving, protecting and enhancing your local wildlife - whatever it is and wherever in the two counties it may be.

From otters to orchids, from butterflies to bitterns, from dormice to daisies and from seahorses to sundews we believe wildlife matters. So on land, under the sea, on coasts, in rivers or even in the boggy bits we use our scientific knowledge, influence, expertise and enthusiasm to create a better future for your local natural heritage. We are passionate about what we do and we know that, even in the face of increasing development pressures, climate change and pollution, what we do makes a difference.

As part of their work we manage over 55 wildlife reserves as part of a vision to create ‘Living Landscapes' for the future.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust website

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