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Blackhall Rocks Nature Reserve

Blackhall Rocks have a really special geological make-up which means the caves at the southern end have provided conditions where internationally unique grassland communities have evolved. These support special plants, such as quaking grass, common rock-rose, salad burnet and bloody cranesbill. There are locally rare plants to look out for too, such as butterwort, round-leaved wintergreen, grass-of-parnassus, brookweed and bird's-eye primrose.

Butterflies: You may see up to 15 species of butterfly, including the northern brown argus and the cistus forester, a rare green moth which breeds on cliff tops.

Location: Just south east of Peterlee on the Durham Coast. On the A1086 north of Hartlepool and south of Peterlee.

These maps are intended as a guideline only; you must check the exact location of the reserve yourself. Wildlife Extra assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of the information on this website.


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